SEO and PPC are the two most common forms of digital marketing campaigns. Can you use both strategies at once? Alternatively, when or why should you prioritize one over the other? Which strategy should you prioritize when on a tight budget?

Most digital marketing experts recommend implementing PPC and SEO campaigns together because they are a perfect match. However, this is not possible or necessary in every case for most businesses. Businesses have a limited marketing budget—and this is what forces them to choose between PPC and SEO. 

If that’s your case, you might be torn in between which marketing campaign to prioritize. What you need to understand is, the strategy that you choose depends on your marketing goals, as well as the effort you want to put into your digital marketing strategies. In this post, we shall give you a guide on when to prioritize one strategy over the other. Read on for more information. 

When to Prioritize SEO

SEO has a number of methods designed to boost a website to rank better in search engines. These methods are very important for tech businesses since statistics indicate that around 80% of traffic generated for websites comes from search engines. 

Google is the largest search engine, which attracts over 3.5 billion searches every day. This is why most SEO campaigns are designed for Google. So, when should you prioritize SEO over PPC?

Here are a few scenarios when SEO would be better for tech companies:

When Seeking Consistent Results

Typically, SEO for technology companies has a longer gestation period. That means, getting your pages to rank better in search engines is not an overnight thing. Ranking at the top of search engine results pages takes time. However, once you get there through SEO, you get to enjoy consistent traffic. Besides, when you keep up with your SEO campaigns and work hard to maintain and improve your results, your pages will stay at the top of the SERPs for a longer time and enjoy long-term benefits. 

When You Want an Authority Website

A reputable and authoritative website is a good resource for most IT companies. Besides, it’s the go-to website whenever visitors are searching for certain information. Now, once your authority website gets going, you can generate better traffic and more traffic. 

The best strategy to create an authority site is to generate sustainable traffic to your web pages. This, in turn, helps your business to build a reputation until it helps you to dominate the market. And, the best way to generate the required traffic sustainably is through proper SEO planning. 

If You Want to Boost the Value of Your Site

Websites are like virtual real estate. Therefore, if you want to sell your site at the best possible price, you should plan to increase its value. And, different strategies can help you to increase the value of the website. Among some of these things, including the volume of traffic generated, page rank, the consistency of generated traffic, link popularity, and search engine rankings, among other things. Now, all these factors fall into the category of SEO.

Please note that SEO is not all about free clicks. It requires a lot of work, time, and money in creating content, and promoting it to rank better. 

When to Prioritize PPC Over SEO

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is an internet marketing model used to advertise on SERPs. With PPC, the marketer bids for their adverts to appear on sponsored results whenever a user types a query with your keywords. 

So, why do we call it pay-per-click? This is because the marketer must pay whenever a user clicks on the advert they are promoting. Some of the most popular pay-per-click advertising platforms include Google AdWords, Facebook, and Bing Ads. Also, there are other niche-specific PPC methods out there that tech companies can use. 

So, when should tech companies use PPC marketing? Below we list some of the situations when PPE would be more beneficial than SEO. 

When Immediate Results are Needs

Unlike SEO, PPC delivers results within a very short period. Yes, PPC is very fast! Once you start your marketing campaigns, people can start visiting your pages within minutes. 

And why is this?

The moment a PPC campaign gets approval, (as long as your bids qualify for priority placement) your ads will be available for millions of users to see. That means traffic will start flowing into your pages instantly. 

Thus, pay-per-click works better for tech companies when launching products or services, when doing digital business campaigns, or when doing seasonal promotions. 

When Targeting Specific Traffic

Unlike search engine optimization, pay-per-click allows businesses to focus on their prospects depending on their demographics. Most PPC advertising platforms like social media allow tech companies to target a specific age range, income, gender, education, and marital status of the users you want to view your adverts. 

Common social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter can allow you to target users depending on their likes. That makes pay-per-click a very powerful tool to reach a narrow band of users that your business needs, and directing them to your pages. 

To Promote Time-Sensitive Offers

Advertising a time-sensitive offer is a race against time. Typically, the long gestation time of SEO campaigns would delay the needed results. Now, this is where PPC marketing comes in, as the swiftness of PPC marketing promises to deliver the required results. 

Do you want to promote an offer that ends in one week? Don’t worry, as PPC can deliver the traffic that you need within minutes. 

If a Website is Not Designed for SEO

Search engine optimization requires websites with rich content. Besides, the websites need regular updates. Doing that is the only way that you can:

  • Remind search engines to keep your website at the top of SERPs
  • Tell search engines that your website is still relevant

However, certain sites aren’t designed for this, as they don’t have the needed content to rank in SERPs. Such kinds of websites can rely on PPC campaigns to generate traffic. 

When Looking to Control Search Results for a Certain Keyword Category

Typically, PPC results are placed above organic search results. Now, this is a very prominent position, given that around 50% of all search traffic chooses the top three sponsored links. Failing to implement PPC campaigns means you are losing these clicks. So, if you want to maximize the click share of the available keyword searches applicable to your business, consider implementing PPC campaigns.

Bottom Line

Both SEO and PPC are effective strategies for driving traffic to your website. However, each of these tactics works perfectly for different circumstances. That means you might have a challenge in generating traffic with both of these tactics at the same time. But, if you want to succeed in both tactics or one of them, you must understand their strengths and downsides. Doing so will allow you to apply each tactic correctly under the best conditions. Lastly, make sure that you understand the Tech companies’ SEO mistakes to avoid if you want your marketing strategies to succeed.

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