The education system of most counties seems to be hackneyed and fake year after year. Kindergartens pretend that they are preparing kids for school, schools pretend that they are preparing students for College, and Colleges, in turn, pretend that they are preparing students for real life in general and certain work in particular. The result is obvious — just a depressing number of students not only do not work in their chosen specialty, but also simply drop out halfway through their studies. One of the reasons why students drop out of College is the inability to fulfill the writing assignments. That is why I preferred to contact professionals, so they could help write my essay for me.

Why? In what place does the same breakdown happen that makes enthusiastic and active students fail exams “just like that”, stop going to lectures and leave Colleges?

Why do so few students find themselves in the “diploma” profession?

1. The Absence of Specialization in Schools.

Children are taught all kinds of subjects, regardless of their interests. And at the same time, they rarely learn something applicable that you can work with. A graduate knows mathematics — the school washes its hands of it. In most European countries, professional specialization is practiced from the age of 12 — children go to masterclasses and open days in firms and production facilities, stay there for internships. After several years of such internships (even for several days), it is much easier for a child to determine a further career path.

2. The Faculty Choice Was Not Yours.

This situation is more than common. The applicant enters either the university that his parents have chosen, or the one where all his friends go, or the one that “he will enter easily”, or “the trendiest course”. The low priority of physical and technical labor in the system of modern values leads to the fact that young people are ashamed to receive “technical” specialties.

3. The Outdated Technologies of University Education, Theoretical Knowledge Focus.

If we are talking about practical specialties, which include almost all faculties, except for “scientific”, we have a huge shortage of competent practitioners who would teach humanities and technical disciplines. There are almost no links between universities and employers. And if there are such connections, students often understand after the first internship that what they are taught and what their work will consist of are completely different.

4. The Shadow Economy.

Yes, that’s right. 100% of literate students of such specialties as audit, law, finance, accounting, economics, marketing, management, management, and so on, understand that they will work in two accounting departments, which is not taught in Colleges. They know that it is pointless to sue municipal or government structures, so you need to establish “connections”, and not sit in a stuffy audience, writing out precedents for using the analogy of law instead of the analogy of the law in civil legislation.

5. The System “School-University-Work”.

A child after school (conditionally for our 10-11 grade) studies according to the chosen profile, works for several years in the specialty, even at the lowest positions, and only then, if necessary, goes to get a degree. Many then get a few modules in institutes and continue to work, and this is not considered shameful or wrong.

To change the situation in our country, it is necessary to radically change the value system on which modern domestic education is built.

Student life may be difficult, luckily numerous student communities help students get together and help each other. It is also beneficial for freshmen to get some homework help from peers and teachers.

Student communities in the United States are special male and female organizations, they are literally called “fraternities” and “sisterhoods” since the students who belong to them have certain rights and are subject to the charter of their community.

These organizations have been successfully existing in North American universities for about 3 centuries. In Europe, there are similar student organizations – student corporations designed to unite young people into organizational groups for a more productive and fun life and study at universities.

Student communities in the United States, as a rule, have a name consisting of Greek letters and are divided into female and male. Membership in the US student community involves active participation in the life of the community throughout your studies and, in some cases, after graduation.

But it is not so easy to join one of the US communities. First of all, you need to have some financial means to be able to make fraternal contributions and pay for your accommodation in special campuses assigned to the community.

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In addition, to join the student community, you need to prove your loyalty to it. Sometimes “loyalty” has to be proved in a not the most pleasant way. There were cases when for this purpose it was necessary to walk naked on the campus or drink sour milk. But the desire of candidates to join the student community is so great that, despite the obvious health risk, they are ready to make sacrifices.

Traditionally, two or three letters of the Greek alphabet are chosen for the name of the student community. This can be Zeta Beta Tau (Zetta Beta Tau), Zeta Psi (Zetta Psi), or another option.

The “advantages” of US student communities include the fact that some members of the community actively participate in the lives of other participants, help them quickly adapt to the student’s life and join the educational process. Also, student associations in the United States practice charity and philanthropy, in most cases, as a traditional phenomenon.

The “disadvantages” of student communities include the fact that drunkenness and noisy parties are regularly held in student communities, while each member of a fraternity or sisterhood should be able to get very drunk and at the same time be able to control himself.

There is a place in US student communities and strict laws, failure to comply with which can lead to exclusion not only from the community but also from the educational institution. It is advisable to show academic performance because no one likes stupid people. By the way, academic performance should be shown everywhere. 

For example, if a member of the student community is seen drunk in the uniform of his fraternity, he can be kicked out of the association. It is believed that by appearing drunk in the form of brotherhood, you neglect the values of your community, which means that such people do not belong among brothers. Therefore, such a student is expelled from the community, and for sure, no other student will want to accept him.

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