When you are gaming, you need to sit comfortably for maximum focus. In such a case, getting the best gaming chairs is the most important aspect that you need to consider. Among the best brands that produced gaming chairs, Razer is a famous gaming and computer accessory company that designs gaming peripherals, including keyboards, mice, and mobile gaming accessories such as controllers. However, the company has produced its first and only gaming chair known as the Razer Iskur. This guide provides a review of why Razer Iskur is one of the best Razer gaming chairs.

Razer Iskur gaming chair review

Comfortability and Aesthetics

The Razer Iskur is a sleek and ergonomic gaming chair, suitable for gamers between 5ft 7 inches and 6ft 1 inch. With a steel-reinforced wheelbase, armrests, and body, gamers with less than 136 kg can comfortably use this chair. Apart from the sturdy frame, the chair features angled seat edges to help in maximizing the resting surface area. The chair has a green, black color and uses multi-layered synthetic leather when it comes to aesthetics. The faux leather material provides a textured feel, and the main body fabric is rougher to touch than the cushion fabric of the lumbar support. The neck pillow of this chair is covered with a soft fabric which offers the best compliment to the memory foam material. Razer claims the head cushion will keep you at the optimal sight when gaming.


Razer Iskur has standard adjustments, which you can expect from any gaming chair. In particular, you can adjust the recline and height. However, the most notable feature of this gaming chair is the 4D armrests. Although seating comfortably is critical when gaming, the ability to customize armrests among gamers completely can be outstanding.

The Razer Iskur’s armrests are comfortably solid without offering any unpleasant hard feelings. You can adjust the armrests using three buttons at either side of each armrest or the front. Depressing the front button will enable you to adjust the armrest angle to approximately 45 degrees. The chair has an inside button to allow you to move the armrest to around three inches to the right or left. It also has an outside button for height adjustments to approximately six inches. Further, you can slide the armrests back and forward. Therefore, regarding the length and size of your rams, the 4D armrest can comfortably accommodate the gaming position that you prefer.

The lumbar support is one of the features which sets apart this gaming chair from other models. Unlike competing models at the same price, the Razer Iskur does not depend on an attachable pillow that requires constant comfort adjustment. Instead, you lift a paddle under the chair where sculpted support will lift forwards. Therefore, when you sit on it straight and adequately, it manages to conform with your spine for optimal comfort.


  • The firm feels, and you experience the splash of cushiness after you sit down.
  • The chair comes with a three-year warranty. If you buy the chair directly from the company, you will be provided with 14 days to test and return it.
  • Made using high-end materials such as faux leather that is durable and feels real
  • Premium construction that provides the confidence that it stays in good condition for several years


  • Its weight limits gamers above 130kgs, and it is thinner, meaning it can encumber massive gamers.
  • The chair misses the RGB lighting
  • It is costlier than other gaming chairs.

The Razer Iskur can be one of the best Razer gaming chairs for gamers who wish to have lasting comfort. The chair is attractive, thoughtfully designed, easy to assemble, and suitable for gaming and working.

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