Online Casinos vs Offline Casinos

Online Casinos vs Offline Casinos

Thanks to innovations in security and several industry standards in safety for internet-based banking, online casinos are now a legitimate option for today’s gambling enthusiasts. So now is the time to choose which is right for you.

It is very little in this life that can compete with the sights, sights, smells, and tastes of a live in-person casino. But for the travel-weary and the ever-growing constituency of a virus-cautious gambler, the attractions involved in online gambling are not to be ignored.

The Thrill of In-Person Gambling

Aside from New York City, very few places in America have received as many free public relations boost from Hollywood as Las Vegas. 

From the Oceans franchises showing bigger-than-life people wearing garish clothing and existing in their own independent pool of cool, the city seems improbable and incredible. The lights are bright, the money abundant, and the wedding chapels innumerous.

While simulations can be good, nothing will ever perfectly imitate the sound of cards sliding across the deck into your hand in a game of blackjack, and no virtual reality company is ever going to recreate the corporately held breath of a group of hopeful craps enthusiasts waiting to see a winner bring the big money home.

Most great casinos will have a buffet that, for a nominal fee, will provide your body fuel to get back into the fray of the hunt for big wins. Casinos are designed for convenience to keep you for as long as you are willing to stay, so the food quality is higher than most buffets in the world.

In our social media-saturated world, do not ignore the upload fodder of a group of friends posing in front of their favorite casino with all of their favorite buddies’ night-out hashtags. If your group is founded on these kinds of shared experiences, then these nights are a must.

The Rise of Online Gambling

Thanks to internet speeds that would have been inconceivable 30 years ago, there is an incredible amount of variety available to gamblers on specialized websites. With some due diligence and some good resourcing, not only is it safe, but it is becoming a competitive method for gambling.

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Before you even start trying to wade through the hundreds of options available, it is first important to verify for yourself that gambling online is safe.

The great news is that gaming regulators have stepped up in a really big way to ensure that online gambling remains viable and not a risky bet (well, outside of hitting on 17).

Most regulators will, before certifying a site as safe will look for:

  • The people actually running the site passing necessary criminal background checks
  • Third-party software testing to affirm that all games are fair and not rigged
  • Audits of the company’s books and business
  • The certainty that the business keeps the online winnings stored online until withdrawal (which protects the players from losing money if the company goes bankrupt)

There are also a lot of resources available to players as far as gaming communities which will list safe gaming sites. is one group in America that won’t list a company until it passes certification. In New Zealand, a site for the Kiwi gambling enthusiast with the team over at Kiwi Gambler. Not only do they certify for safety, but they also audit for fun, website design, variety, and even customer service availability for New Zealander’s gambling across international borders.


Ever since the world crawled into its comfy pants in 2020 and dragged its feet hard concerning giving up the luxury of working and shopping from home, any business that can be conducted online has been tested and exercised.

Even though a night on the Vegas strip is exciting, it is really hard to beat not having to get dressed up (or even minimally dressed at all) to engage in gambling.

Casinos are designed to keep their customers inside, making allowances for players to smoke indoors, eat at buffets, and generally have a difficult time finding the exit once being inside for a while.

It’s all aimed at keeping the player playing and, in their best timeline, losing more and more money. That’s the business model which has succeeded and made money for people for millennia. 

It has also enriched a lucky few with big payoffs, which keeps everyone coming back for one more throw of the dice, flip of the card, or pull of the handle. And now, it would seem, click of the mouse or tap of the smartphone screen.

Online gambling, then, has a unique challenge. It only controls the real estate on the screen. The physical realm is out of its reach and so the incentives to make staying past one bad bust are good.

Most reputable online gambling sites will have rewards available to players once they have deposited a minimum amount. These amounts can reach up to the thousands and are normally accompanied by a minimum bet until such time as the player has lost his signup bonus.

The Money

One of the unique advantages to online gambling is that, in increasing instances, online casinos are allowing customers to do their transactions in cryptocurrency, purchasing gambling access with bitcoin and rewarded in the same or converted to local money when any winnings are amassed.

Good online communities will also utilize more standardized access, such as banking accounts, credit and banking cards, and pay-from-online sites.

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A Little More Action, Please

So if your tastes require you to put on your absolute best in alligator skin shoes and synthetic fiber suits, strutting to the sound of the clanging of the machines, you have a whole world of casinos just waiting to be visited in person.

If you are someone who would rather stream the latest Ted Lasso and gamble on your phone in your pajamas with the door dash on your plate, there is a huge variety of safe sites that are yours to join.

Good luck!

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