The shift towards online advertising is undeniable. By the end of 2021, advertisers are projected to spend $50.86 billion on social media advertising. Ad spends have also jumped this year as marketers spend 15 percent more on advertising, compared to last year. As more consumers shift to a digitally-driven purchasing behavior, the need for a bulletproof online advertising strategy to support your brand presence has grown even more important. Constructing an advertising strategy for your business online also requires forethought and careful planning for the ins and out of internet marketing. From the ever-popular search engine optimization to a good omnichannel strategy that synchronizes your brand online and offline, the right online advertising strategy has the power to generate leads, boost brand visibility and drive growth in all the right places.

Invest in User Friendly and Innovative Web Design

Your business website is one of your most powerful online advertising tools. A poorly designed website can cause the business both first-time customers and customer loyalty. Research has shown that 48 percent of users believe that website design is the number 1 factor influencing their decision on business credibility. Also, 38 percent of them will stop browsing a business website if the layout is unattractive.

The first rule is to avoid crowded your business website. While you may be tempted to provide ample information, it can quickly lead to an overload of information. There is also a rising need for business websites to be mobile-friendly. An easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly business website reduces your bounce rate.  Finally, if you are planning to utilize SEO in your online advertising strategy a well-designed mobile-friendly website will be critical in maintaining business visibility on search engine results pages. In the last Google update, nicknamed Mobilegeddon there was a consistent decrease in mobile-friendly URLs. When updating your business website for mobile-friendly users, think of page speed optimization of page titles/meta descriptions.

Use Strategic Ad Placement with Pay Per Click Advertising

If you want to align your advertising strategy to a niche part of the market, Pay Per Click could be an important tool. While many businesses favor SEO over PPC, 30 percent of respondents argue that PPC can be more effective since it allows for niche targeting- targeting a specific section of your target audience. Businesses can whittle down their advertising to the exact age, preferences, and demographics of the customers they want to attract. In the long run, it gives your business more control over its visibility- who it is seen by and where its marketing message is viewed. 

The use of pay per click can also be incredibly efficient in terms of resource usage. Some PPC management companies can craft a PPC campaign to fit your business’ budget, whether big or small. It also gives feedback quickly, allowing users to research and test its effectiveness within hours. Unlike SEO, businesses can place a PPC ad and judge its performance by the end of the day. 

Tap Into the Power Of SEO Online And Offline

Boosting your business’ ranking in online searches means you are improving your business’ visibility in a crowded online marketplace. If your business is ranking higher on search engines, it will be getting more views and more clicks to your business website. This presents more chances to translate that traffic into leads and sales. In fact, a survey by Databox found that 70 percent said SEO performs better than PPC in generating sales. The only drawback: it takes a few months to begin seeing results from SEO. 

A good place to start is by doing keyword research. Identify what terms your intended target audience is searching for before adapting your current pages to reflect those keyword results. If you can manage to get your business ranking on the first page or top 3 result positions, your business could be getting 31 percent of the mobile clicks.

Last but certainly not least, ensure your online advertising strategy smoothly transcends to your brick-and-mortar presence. An omnichannel experience has risen to the forefront of consumers’ wishlists in the past year. As more of the business world adjusts to a digital era, so should your advertising strategies. Getting a strong online advertising strategy in place is the best place to start.

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