The world had been taken aback by the entire revolutionary changes brought down by digitalization. Digitalization was the most significant pick up of the modern era as most of the things that helped people function were changed and modified with technological gadgets’ involvement. Mobile phones became a very vital part of each and everyone’s life.

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 The arrival of smartphones with operating systems like Android was another revolution. Using the internet has become common, and with the usage of the internet, another thing that became more common was different types of viruses starting to get into the device. Types of viruses and malicious software which everyone comes across at a certain point in time. This is why it is essential to have Norton 360 mobile security, which protects your device from any malicious software.

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Installing Norton for Android

Installing Norton software on an Android device is not a very difficult task. The person 

needs to follow specific steps to use Norton services over their Android phone and protect it from any virus or malicious software. 

  1. The first step for using Norton services on an Android device is downloading the not application from the Google Play Store. The Norton application is one of the most popular and useful anti-virus applications. Application has different kinds of functions and usability, which makes it more beneficial for the usage of Norton antivirus.
  1. The Norton security sign-in is one of the most critical steps which anyone has to follow to use the services. For any pre-existing customer or user of not an, they might have a not an id that needs to sign in on their cell phone to perform the further steps. But if someone does not have an ID, they need to create a not an ID for themselves to download and use the services. 
  1. The last step for using Norton services is very beneficial. Norton would design a specific software for mobile phones, which would be easy to find on the application. The person needs to download and take a subscription to the mobile antivirus package to install Norton security on their Android phone. The Application also has numerous features which help in using different automated methods for subscription and other usages.

Installing Norton software on a mobile phone is a very step as it protects the mobile from any kind of virus. The Norton 360 for android is one of the most useful antivirus software which one can use for themselves.


1. Should I install Norton on my Android phone? 

Installing Norton antivirus on an android phone is a very wise idea. It helps the mobile phone stay protected against any malicious software or virus that tries to get into the mobile phone.

2. Does Norton work on Android phones?

Notun function is completely normal over an Android phone. They have specialized software designed for mobile phones, which is very useful in protecting the device against malicious software.

3. How do I install Norton 360 on my Android phone? 

Installing Norton 360 on the Android phone is not difficult. Shining into the Norton ID over the application, the person selects Norton 360 as the service they look forward to and takes the subscription to install the software on the phone.

4. Do I have Norton on my phone?

Someone can only have not the software on the phone after downloading the application and taking a specific subscription to the antivirus service. 

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