It is possible that you already know that, content on Instagram is good but just try to imagine how great it will seem if it appears that over 10000 people are agreeing to that fact? Whether you are out trying to become a celebrity on social media or you want to spread the awareness of your brand on Instagram, it might be quite tempting to take certain shortcuts where you can so that you expand the audience you have including having to buy Instagram followers.

You must have a better idea of the way Instagram followers purchasing works. It has both pros and cons which you have to know about before deciding if that is the way you would wish to follow to improve your brand or not.

Is It Possible to Purchase Instagram Followers? 

It is possible to buy Instagram followers. There are several cheap Instagram followers buying services that you will come across that offer over 1000 followers for about $10. But you have to remember that, it could be that you are buying a number. Most of the followers that are sold are inactive accounts while others are just bots, which denotes that, they will be able to engage on your posts.

To have about 1000 followers sounds like a good deal for a price of about $10. But you need to ask yourself, if it was that easy and cheap, then everyone would be going for it. So where is the catch? Is the buying of Instagram followers safe and legal for the business that you are running? Is it a worthy investment?

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Anyway, coming back to the point, the major reason why buying Instagram followers can be a waste of time and investment is because the accounts which you purchase to follow you are mostly not real. 

Buying Instagram followers

Most of the purchasable followers are either accounts that are not active or bots.

Fake Follower Vendors

To buy fake Instagram followers is nowadays harder compared to some days back. It is because Instagram is checking and keeps cracking down on those accounts which tend to violate the service terms. What used to be above board is currently an enigma. 

For you to buy Instagram followers nowadays, you have to be knowing someone who can put you in contact with the vendor who then delivers to you bots – the followers. You will also want to pick someone that you are ready to trust with your credit card information.

But what normally happens when you pay for your followers? Assume that the vendor happens to be legitimate for this type of service, you will have to wait between a few minutes to a few days for your followers to starts trickling in. The seller then rolls out your followers over time to ensure that you don’t end up alert Instagram that there is something fishy is going on. 

Once you happen to get your brand new followers who are automated, you should not expect much to happen. The followers will not do much for your brand regarding the engagement metrics. When you purchase the Instagram followers, you pay for a number only. You are not guaranteed engagement.

Instagram Bots

The Instagram bots are readily available and you might have come across them in several places including today online. There are various companies online that have come up with a process that is automated to create bots that can be able to sell them as followers. In some instances, the bots might even assume a real person’s identity by use of stolen names and identities.

Depending on the service that you embrace, the dummy accounts might seem to be real and organic running on automation to like and share content. Some can be programmed to be producing content. But, since they happen not to be real people, they will not have a following-to-follower ratio that is organic looking. Because of that, the engagement which they bring out will have a small impact. 

Without having real followers to be able to engage with your content, your posts are hidden from others except to the inauthentic audience. Plus, the bot followers will not be discussing your brand in real life with family or friends because they don’t actually exist in real life as they are bots.

Accounts Which are Inactive

But you have to know that, not all the fake followers happen to be bots. You will get some companies selling out followers with genuine accounts.  In such a situation, the account is created because they by certain users whose main motive of creating them is to get followed or to offer such a service of being bought. And while the followers might be engaged in the first instances, they become a drain later on the performance of your Instagram account metrics when their accounts become dormant.

The thing is that, if the account was created for fulfilling sponsorship requests, the real person who is behind the account will have little reason of dwelling on the newsfeed, interacting with content, or purchasing services and goods which are being advertised. 

Without any interaction, the number of your followers gets inflated with no value as compared to what the organic followers can bring to an account. Additionally, to buy followers directly you will be able to pay for the services to follow other customers’ accounts strategically on your own behalf basined on your likings – hashtag usage, location, gender, and account type. Those accounts which are followed will be able to follow back.

With such an option, your followers tend to be more likely to be actual people but the engagement will still be unlikely. Because you cannot guarantee that these accounts are going to follow back, it becomes a risky investment. The majority of the accounts are not going to follow back and even if they happen to do, they will not do it for a long run, active or loyal followers.

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