Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs 55% more than keeping an existing one? Yet, many businesses focus on gaining new users rather than improving their existing leads or clients. The truth is simply following up can lead to more sales and business.  

Keeping in touch with leads and customers can improve relationships and boost sales. Your customers can be more inclined to buy from you if you keep in touch with them and understand their wants. In addition to establishing brand loyalty through repeat business and recommendations, strong customer connections can also help you secure repeat business and recommendations.

The Leadific app can handle all this for you.

It combines the best sales and marketing tools into one platform.

How Leadific works:

Leadific can do all of the following (and a lot more).

  • Set up sales funnels
  • Generate leads
  • Get new clients
  • Make business followup automated
  • Build trust and loyalty
  • Reputation management
  • Boost ROI

Leadific Automates the Entire Process of Sales:

Most small businesses understand the importance of lead generation and follow-up. Their problem is that they often do not have the time or resources to contact every lead or customer.

A powerful marketing automation workflow can be created using the workflow builder. Changing the workflow criteria and actions based on your business or services is possible.

Check this blog to learn more about lead generation and online business opportunities.

One easy-to-use dashboard allows you to connect with prospects, follow up with leads by phone or text, and manage your campaigns.

Start a Lead-generating Business:

It is possible to offer Leadific as a white-label solution to other businesses. This means you can use it to launch your own lead generation agency or SaaS business.

It takes just a few minutes to install this app, after which you can start charging companies a monthly fee. It can be a highly reliable source of passive income.

Here’s how to use Leadific to start your own business.

  1. Identifying a niche you can dominate in the lead generation business is important because it is a highly competitive field. You should ensure that the niche companies are investing in marketing and have at least $500 in lifetime value (LTV).
  2. Know your target audience and what kind of leads they want.
  3. It will be helpful if you learn how to generate leads. Generating leads with Adwords and Facebook ads is simple and can be learned quickly.
  4. If your prospective customers hang out on Facebook or Linkedin, you may want to join some groups. Increase your authority and credibility by creating and sharing great content.
  5. Build relationships with business owners and reach out with an offer to help them generate more leads and sales online.

Get More Sales Online:

You will need to follow up a lot to convert your leads into clients. Small enterprises with limited sales resources may have difficulty achieving this goal. It is ideal for responding to leads within a few minutes at the latest. Waiting too long reduces your chances of converting them. The chances of a fresh lead converting drop by 10x after only five minutes. 

Leadific automates follow-up. It’s easy to nurture leads and convert them into customers.

Small businesses’ biggest mistake is thinking that the deal is complete once they have a client. It’s just the beginning. Just because someone buys something from you doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you again. Customers are likely to return if you provide high-quality goods or services. Whenever possible, upselling should be relevant to the consumer’s needs and never be intrusive.

Cross-selling, where you offer a related product or service to a consumer who has previously purchased from you, is another way to boost your sales. Often, businesses use PPC remarketing to target their existing clients. With Leadific, you can upsell your clients without paying for every view or click.

It is possible to set up automatic systems that engage clients with fresh, intriguing offers without having to conduct expensive ad campaigns.

Leadific: a scam?

This isn’t a scam.

The product has value if you can reach the right audience. One of the main problems small businesses face is generating leads and sales. You can solve these problems using the technology and features offered by Leadific.

There is no MLM or get-rich-quick scam involved in this product. It is still necessary to understand how leads are generated and followed up on. Nonetheless, if you learn how to do it, you’ll be able to secure a lot of contracts with small businesses seeking marketing services.

For companies specializing in digital marketing of small businesses, Leadific might be a great option. Even if you can generate a large number of leads, your clients won’t be happy unless these leads convert into customers.

Having Leadific on your side can tie everything together and please your customers.

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