As an influencer or business owner, it might be tough for you to start fresh on Instagram. To expand your reach in the audience, the first thing you need to get Instagram followers quickly. 

Now the question arises, how to get Instagram followers?  Well, there are two options for it. The first alternative is to buy them. And the other option is to grow them organically. However, if you have enough budget, you can purchase the followers on Instagram, but this technique won’t benefit you in the long term. It might boost your number of followers in a short period but won’t help in any way to improve your marketing strategy on Instagram this is because the authentic followers are real and legitimate people who engage with you and provide their opinion that helps you to understand what lacks in your products or services so you could make necessary improvements in it.

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In this article, we’ll discuss some great tips to boost your Instagram followers count without spending money. So, let’s begin.

How to Get Instagram Followers for Free?

Posses a Great Marketing Strategy on Instagram 

Before using any social media platform efficiently, you need to have a proper plan and set your business goal. For instance, increasing your Instagram followers count may be a great target to begin. However, your followers won’t provide a successful Instagram strategy that links to your social media marketing goals. 

Hence, you need to understand the reasons behind getting more Instagram followers. Do you have to specify that what you expect to achieve after increasing the followers? For example, you might want to boost your brand awareness, increase effective sales, drive more traffic to your website, etc. Keeping your focus on your business objectives will give a consistent Instagram account to you that will look appealing to the visitors who view your profile for the first time. They will quickly understand your brand, products, or services. And also influence them to purchase your product.  

Know Your Target Audience 

While making an Instagram marketing strategy, ask a few questions to yourself related to your target audience or to whom you’re trying to approach:

  1. Who the people are? 
  2. How old are they?
  3. Where do they reside?
  4. What’s their profession?
  5. How frequently do they use Instagram?
  6. When do they access the app?
  7. What are the challenges or difficulties that they usually suffer?

By giving answers to these questions will help you to create great and relevant Instagram content that reaches out to more followers. Moreover, it will also assist you to understand the needs and expectations of your followers so you can deliver the content that matches your follower’s tastes or personalities that will make them follow you for a long period. 

Develop Your Brand Story 

As a business or brand, you can showcase your products or services in an aesthetic way that should look appealing to your customers. You can share the lifestyle, achievements, and testimonials of your buyers. At the same time, be sure that you maintain a consistent look of your brand.  

You can do this by making your posts in such a way that they should recognize quickly. For instance, you can use grids, styling that gives a perfect finish to your posts.  

Use Effective Keywords to Appear in Instagram Searches. 

Before people follow your Instagram account, they have to find you in the searches. However, there are two methods of finding an account on Instagram. It includes the name and username.

Your username is equivalent to an Instagram handle that helps users to find your profile easily. Hence, your username should be consistent that match your brand, and people are more likely to search about them on other social media platforms. 

Your Instagram handle or username could be anything that relates your audience with the brand. However, the word limit of the username should not be more than 30 characters. 

You can also use keyword stuffing that helps to include popularly searched and relevant keywords in your username. 

Use Famous Hashtags to Reach Out to a New Audience

Instagram posts don’t appear on the searches. Yet, the hashtags are visible on Instagram search, which means that you can use popular hashtags under your posts so people can find and follow your account. Adding relevant hashtags can help you to get followers for free when they tap on a hashtag from other posts. People also follow popular hashtags, so whenever you add a famous hashtag to your post, there are high chances of appearing your content to other people’s feed’s section who might have engaged to similar content. Nevertheless, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, but you should focus on their quality rather than the quantity. Use hashtags having high volume searches and matches to your photo, brand, products, or services.  

Optimize Your Instagram Profile and Bio

 According to an estimation, two-thirds of professional or business Instagram accounts are visited by non-followers. The new visitors are free followers who may follow your account if your profile and bio look appealing to them and have some value in them. They won’t follow you if your account is unclear or incomplete. Hence, make sure that your profile is up to date and well maintained. 

Your profile includes a bio and a website link that relates people to your brand when they see your account. 

Your bio should have a maximum of 150 characters that showcase your business identity and gives a strong reason to the new visitors to follow you or what they will get if they follow your profile. 

If you own a professional account, you can add extra information like your location, type of business, and contact information, so people can directly reach out to you. 

Write Compelling Captions 

Adding long and compelling captions under your Instagram posts will help you to attract more followers. You can write some interesting lines at the starting of the caption that motivates readers to read the entire thought or put emojis that draw the reader’s attention to give a glance at the post.

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