An essay is a small piece of information that discusses a specific topic. An essay can range from 250 words to 600 words. In this article, I will explain what we should do to write a good essay. I will give some tips so if you follow them, you will be able to write a good essay.

Essay writing is a vast field related to writings. To improve your essay writing you should practice daily. Pick up different topics for writing an essay and focus on the steps we have discussed below. You can also search on the internet where you will find a variety of (websites) writing services that will help you to improve your writing, especially essay writing. The best platform for this purpose is, they provide the best essay service that features everything you need and a lot more than that.

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Here are the 7 easy steps of writing an essay.


 First of all, suggest a unique and trending topic. But when choosing a topic you should also make sure that you have a good deal of information about the topic. If you do not have information about the selected topic, you should study and gather information about that topic. 


The second step of the essay is to create an outline of it. After choosing the topic of the article, the outline of the article is an important step that attracts the attention of the reader. The better and the simpler our sketch, the easier it will be for the reader to understand. Basically in the outline of the article, we write our random thoughts in a way that makes sense. After writing the outline of the essay, it is very easy for us to write the essay.


 The introduction of any article should have been explained in such a way that the reader would be engaged in it. If the introduction of the article is good, simple, and meaningful, then the interest of the reader will increase further. 

A thesis statement

 According to my research, a thesis statement was normally given at the end of the introductory paragraph. This thesis statement gives the main idea of the essay. It makes our understanding level good to understand an essay’s main point. It mostly consists of the topic of the essay and also contains a controlling idea. If we talk about its types then there are two types of thesis statements. Which are direct thesis statements and indirect thesis statements. A direct thesis statement gives a precise profile or outline of the essay. For example,( a friend of mine wrote an essay on a leader. In this essay, he described three qualities of a leader. Those who make decisions, brave and selfless). This sentence makes it clear to the reader what the essay is about and provides an outline. Meaning he makes it clear in this sketch that this essay will consist of three main parts. I will explain the indirect statement with the following example, (Another friend of mine wrote an article on the leader in which he described some of the qualities of the leader. The writer did not write clearly in it but still the reader understood. If the statement given in the article is not clear but the reader still understands it, it is called an indirect statement.)

 Essay body

 The longest part of any essay is its body. It describes the essay in detail which brings out the main point of the article. It starts with the first sentence of the topic so that the reader can know its main purpose. 

The conclusion

 This step is basically written at the end of any essay. This is the result of our entire essay. In it, we present our views on the topic of the whole essay. Because this is the last step of any article, we highlight the main points of the whole essay and present the result.

Proofread and edit 

This is the last stage in which the whole essay is looked at. Those errors could be punctuation, spelling errors, or grammar errors. All errors are detected and corrected. 

Conclusion of this essay

In the end, I will just say that if you follow all the steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to write effectively.

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