When we talk about the modern world, it’s pretty evident that technology has given us new paradigms of making a new product but some things remain the same. Similarly, we all have small cardboard display boxes lying around. Sure, you can always dump them in the dustbin but there are some other ways to reuse the wasted cardboard boxes. In this article, we are sharing some ways you can reuse the cardboard boxes and gain the most out of them. So, let’s check out the details!


If you are from an era where gift cards and postcards were a thing; you must be missing those cards but you can use the old cardboard boxes to make the cardboard postcard. These postcards won’t need an envelope, so you don’t have to buy new envelopes. That being said, why don’t you cut out the cardboard box, make the postcard, and handwrite the message on top?

Dinner Circles

Every dinner table needs a set of coasters and dinner circles but you can always reuse the cardboard boxes. To begin with, you can use the wasted cardboard boxes to create attractive napkin rings with the cardboard tubes (we suggest using the cardboard tube from the foil or plastic wrap). For this purpose, you can simply use the double-sided tape or fabric glue for creating the napkin rings and secure the napkin inside


Who doesn’t love plants? But in addition to plants, people love to have the best planters that add adornment to the area. In that case, you can use the cardboard box and add some embellishments on top. Once you’ve added the embellishments, line them with the plastic bag; and don’t forget to make some drainage holes (keep the holes small) and your homemade planter is ready!

Games For Kids 

We all love our little bundles of sunshine but creating the games for them is extremely important that also helps them develop skills. For this purpose, you can create fluted dowel pins with the wasted cardboard boxes to help kids guide the colors and shapes into the place. This will eventually help your kids learn fine motor skills. 


Obviously, you can use the cardboard boxes for storge but who said that you cannot do it with style? To begin with, you can create the storage totes. You can also integrate the gold screw bolts and add fabric on the top (you can use the spray adhesive for holding the fabric in place. Not to forget, you can also add the old belt for creating the carrying strap. 

Cat Scratcher 

If you have a cat, you would know that they scratch the furniture and damage the coating and paint. With the old cardboard boxes, you can create the scratching pad and the cat will be impressed with this scratcher. Moreover, if you want to allure your cat; you can simply add the vibrant color on the rim and you’ve your own cat scratcher available!


If you have kids at home, you would know that they can get fussy if you are busy with chores or when you don’t give them enough attention. That being said, you can use the wasted cardboard boxes to create the cardboard maze and it will keep your kids entertained for hours. With each box, you can cut out the doorway and join them with plastic clips and create a maze.


So, you have already made the napkin rings but you can also use the cardboard boxes to make the coasters. For this purpose, you can use the cardboard box; cut it into a round shape and use duct tape to create the thick coaster. Then, just spray on the color and your own coasters are ready. However, if you don’t like them as coasters, you can use them as furniture sliders and protect the floor.  


Be it labeling the different packaging boxes or create the gift tags; the cardboard boxes can be used to create different types of tags. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a cardboard box can be cut into the tags and will become an apt way of marking the stuff around your home. 

No Weeds

People who are fond of planting and gardening would know that weeds are a serious issue. That being said, you can use cardboard pieces in your planters and it will keep the weeds at bay. For this purpose, you can simply cut out the cardboard boxes into pieces and place them in the plants. Also, don’t forget to water the pieces because it helps them stay in place. 

Paint Palette

If you want to paint but cannot find the paint palette; you can simply use the cardboard piece as a paint palette. However, we do suggest that you cut out the thumb hole for easier handling of the paint palette.

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