Programs called “screen recorders” capture what appears on your computer’s screen. These little yet incredibly effective and strong tools have drawn a lot of interest. You can capture anything you want using a screen recorder for PC. However, how can you record a Zoom meeting without the host’s permission?  Is it possible to covertly capture a Zoom conference using a screen recorder? Yes, iTop Screen Recorder is a response to both of these queries.

Record the Screen for Distant Work

Our way of life, our enjoyment, and our work have all been drastically changed by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of these two terrible years, the traditional patterns of living have been broken. One of the biggest changes brought on by the epidemic is the ability to work from home. Additionally, technologies like Zoom and Ding Talk are used for conferences and meetings.

A Zoom meeting must first have the host’s permission before being recorded. Consequently, you were unable to record the meeting since the host object. Contrarily, you can secretly record a Zoom meeting with the ground-breaking iTop Screen Recorder. Having said that, you are not necessary to ask the host for permission frequently. Let’s see how to capture a Zoom conference with the iTop Screen Recorder.


How to Record a Zoom Meeting?

Step 1: Go to the iTop website, download iTop Screen Recorder, and then install it.

Step 2: Open the recorder and join the Zoom meeting.

Step 3: Select the area you want to capture and turn on the webcam, speaker, and microphone.

Step 4: Press the F9 key or click “REC” to start recording your meeting.

Step 5: Press the red button to end the recording and save the movie.

Step 6: Choose a video to watch from the list.

As a result, recording a Zoom meeting without permission is simple with iTop Screen Recorder. You can modify the captured video and audio with the built-in editor tools after the recording. 

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Use iTop Screen Recorder to Record a Video

In addition to recording Zoom meetings, iTop Screen Recorder has a number of additional helpful features below.

Different Recording Tasks

You may capture every significant moment in your life with iTop Screen Recorder, in addition to Zoom meetings. This entails that you can use it to capture any activity taken on your PC’s screen, including video conferences, your own tutorials, online classes, movies, and music. You can record any length of the video in HD and download it in any format for free because there is no time restriction on recording and there is no cost involved.

Gaming Mode

Gamers can also use iTop Screen Recorder to record their favorite and most unforgettable game moments in 4K Ultra HD with a resolution of up to 4096 x 2160. In order to assure that you can record a lag-free video of any engaging 2D or 3D gameplay, iTop supports GPU acceleration technology to spend fewer CPU resources.

Facecam Recording

You can record your face, your sound, and all or a part of the screen in a video using the Facecam Recording feature of iTop Screen Recorder to make a self-presentation or tech tip.


Audio Recording

Additionally, it records audio from the speaker, headset, and internal background to make your movie colorful and simple to share. You can save the audio in popular file types such as MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, etc.

Edit the Video

After the recording is completed, you can easily edit the video and audio in professional multi-tracks to cut the video, add music, subtitles, filters, and stickers using the built-in video editor, and then one-click upload the final outcome to Facebook and YouTube.

edit the video

Additional Features

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the recording, iTop Screen Recorder also offers the ability to draw and annotate the recording, add mouse clicks, and take screenshots.


With the help of iTop Screen Recorder, it is simple to record a Zoom meeting without the host’s permission. Additionally, if you want to record and edit videos on your computer screen, iTop Screen Recorder greets you with a friendly.  Don’t forget to download iTop Screen Recorder to start recording.