Flowers are by definition the perfect romantic gifts that you can give to your wife, girlfriend, or partner. The beauty and charm of flowers are everlasting. Gifting flowers to your significant other will fill her heart with love and warmth. Romantic love flowers are the best way to rekindle your romance, love, and passion for each other.

Gifting flowers doesn’t have to be a difficult job. For the most part, going with your guts will be the best option. If you know about your wife’s affinity towards a particular flower, you can choose that as a gift no matter what the rule books say. Yet, if you do like planning and plotting to create the best and the most meaningful gift out of flowers, you can choose flowers from the list below.

Best Romantic Flowers for Your Wife


Roses are the most common and the most widely popular romantic love flowers in the world. Roses come in numerous colors including red, yellow, white, and pink. Red roses are the top-selling Valentine’s Day flowers and they are associated with everlasting love, intimacy, and intense passion towards someone. Pink roses are also the symbol of love, affection, and the beginning of a romantic relationship. The color yellow in flowers generally denotes happiness, joy, youth, and life itself. Yellow roses are also the symbol of a true and long-standing friendship. So, if you’re going with the classic favorite, you can choose a single color based on the message you intend to share or get a bouquet with multiple colors of roses. For anniversary flower delivery of roses or other flowers, you can order online from a reputed florist in your area which will save your time as well as money.


Tulips are also considered to be an extremely popular romantic flower. Like roses, tulips also come in various colors including purple, red, yellow, red, and white. Tulips are most commonly associated with the Netherlands, but they are actually native to Asia. Tulips symbolize deep love and affection, rebirth, and new beginnings. Red tulips are symbolic of real and true love, as well as intense passion. Red tulips are perfect as anniversary flowers for long-time couples and celebrating the 10th, 15th, or 20th anniversary of couples indicating a strong and long-standing bond between the two. Pink tulips, however, are more suitable as gifts that you give at the beginning of a relationship, like the first-ever anniversary or the second. 


Lilies are another romantic love flowers which are extremely beautiful, popular, and meaningful. Lilies signify femininity, fertility, new beginnings, and affection. Be it the alstroemeria (Peruvian lilies) in hues of golden, pink, and red, or the more subtle and subdued (yet extremely romantic) Calla lilies or Casablanca lilies in white, lilies make great anniversary presents. Since lilies are the symbol of fertility and femininity, they generally make great gifts for women in general, but this will be an even better gift when your wife and you are expecting!


Pretty carnations in shades of red, pink, and white will lighten up any kind of surrounding in an instant. Carnations are very pretty love flowers and make beautiful anniversary flower bouquets. Carnations denote a new beginning, purity, hope, and innocence. If you and your wife have been going through a rough phase in life, then carnations will make a great symbolic gift. White carnations look especially beautiful in a bouquet with other colorful flowers such as tulips and roses. If you need anniversary flowers delivery of carnations at your doorstep, availing online flower delivery services in your area will make it easy, convenient, and fast.


Bright and beautiful daisies remind us to celebrate the little joys of life. Daisies are associated with happiness, joy, life, and youth. For your lovely and charming wife who makes your life beautiful and worth living, daisies will be the perfect gift that will symbolize the good things in life.


Peonies are also very popular as romantic love flowers and are perfect for gifting to your wife. Peonies symbolize beauty, divine love, and adoration. Peonies are associated with Greek mythologies and are romanticized in popular culture for their attractive color and shape. Gifting a bunch of peonies to your wife on your anniversary will definitely make her happy.

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