We tell you the difference between laziness and apathy and how to force yourself to study.

Laziness vs Apathy

From time to time we are faced with a state where any action seems undesirable. There can be several reasons – from a lack of motivation and self-control to serious mental or physical health problems. This is why it is important to know the difference between laziness and apathy.

Laziness is the persistent and unreasonable avoidance of activity in favor of other activities. Lack of diligence since ancient times has been considered a vice and one of the deadly sins.

Apathy is a symptom of many mental, neurological and somatic diseases. Its external manifestation is nothing like laziness: a person shies away from any kind of activity, becomes indifferent even to those activities that have recently brought joy. The word “indifference” is the best epithet for this condition because the patient is likely to experience neither positive nor negative emotions. This harms their studies, and students often have to turn to paper writing help to at least somehow fix bad grades and absences. If this symptom occurs, a doctor (or even more than one) should be consulted.

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How to Overcome Laziness

If you’re sure your state is not health-related, we suggest exploring the following 7 ways to overcome laziness.

Finding Motivation

Unwillingness to take up studies is a frequent consequence of low motivation. Think about the privileges that successful passing of a test, exam, or diploma will open up. If they don’t seem to be there, you probably haven’t looked hard enough.

Getting an education should be seen in the long term: your skill level as a professional, your career success, and your quality of life depend on how much time you devote to classes now. The person you will become in 5-10 years will be grateful to a schoolboy or a student who found the strength to take up studies for the abstract privileges of future reality.

Increased Self-Esteem

Lack of confidence in yourself, your knowledge, and your abilities can also be a cause of laziness. A person who feels that the work ahead is beyond their grasp is unlikely to be enthusiastic. Try to understand what is the reason for low self-esteem, and work on the root causes.

Complete Tasks Gradually

Large tasks are often confounded by the amount of work required. Prioritize and do the more important tasks first, and then move on to less important tasks. You’re also advised to become familiar with the planning. 

Proper Rest

Each of us has a different level of work capacity. But even the hardest working person needs a break from time to time. If, after taking up your studies, you stumble time after time and can’t concentrate, it’s a wake-up call. Overwork is a serious reason to give yourself a break: constant neglect of rest can lead to serious illnesses, which is what the body is trying to warn you about, including a “saving mode”.

Regular Sports Activities

Mental activity can be combined with physical exercise. Exercise is a strain on the body, and the brain, compensating for the damage, activates anti-stress mechanisms, and stimulates the production of endorphins. Joy hormones boost energy and increase work productivity. In addition, sport is a good way to train yourself to be disciplined.However, treating your body right and taking care of it post every workout is must and you need to be aware of the fact that sometimes, an intense exercise session can put a negative impact on your body as well. So, it’s always a good thing to massage your body after every session to prevent any issues like muscle pain, fatigue, muscle soreness and more, using a percussion massager like Exogun DreamPro. Exogun is trusted by the pros and delivers the ultimate recovery.

Forming Healthy Habits

Many of us are used to starting our mornings the same way: getting up, hygiene procedures, breakfast. Regularly repeated actions have passed into the category of habits and are done automatically. Find time in your daily routine for self-education: allocate 1-2 hours a day for foreign language classes or a new hobby, studying popular science literature, or writing your articles.

As you get closer to the deadline, you can use this time to write your term or paper. If you take up the research in advance, the steadily approaching deadline will no longer be a cause of stress and sleepless nights.

Changing Environments

Passive, pessimistic people have a cynical and prejudiced attitude toward life. Getting out of such an environment can be difficult, but it can be the cause of laziness, low self-esteem, and lack of goals. Try to get away from people who don’t want to develop. It’s their choice, not yours.

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