The medical field has benefited immensely from medical transcription services. The ability to shoulder data entry work allows practitioners to concentrate on practicing and caring for patients. Other benefits include creating more efficient workplaces, increased profitability, improved patient focus, impressive accuracy, streamlined insurance billing and encryption security, and compliance with NHS Data Protection Act. To attract customers, leading medical transcription services to offer several incentives, including low cost per line, valuable optional services, high volume transcription, quick turnaround, no setup fees or contracts, and a thorough QA process. 

When choosing the best medical transcription service, consider the technology and interface used and inquire about the personalized features provided. Follow through by checking the level of customer service and client testimonials. Expresso Translations offers one of the best business transcription services in the same language and multiple languages. We pride ourselves as one of the top business transcription companies since we offer quick turnaround, access to native translators, fast response, and the fact that we are an ISO-certified business committed to providing excellent service. Our business transcription services are suitable for medical transcription, legal transcription, and financial services. Here is your first-hand guide to choosing a medical transcription service:

 Guide to Choosing a Medical Transcription Service

To avoid picking the wrong medical transcription company, you need to understand how the service works. One of the things you can inquire about is the specific steps followed by the transcription companies when submitting files. The transcription process starts when a provider records audio containing patient-related information. Several gadgets can be used for this purpose, and they include smartphones and hand-held digital recorders. The file should then be loaded to a safe and secure server, where medical transcriptionists can begin the transcription process. At Expresso Translations, we offer quality medical translation and transcription services by experienced and certified professionals.

Get the Going Rate for Medical Transcription

Medical transcription services can be rendered by an in-house professional transcriptionist, medical transcription services, and voice recognition software or Apps. Before choosing an in-house medical l transcriptionist or outsourcing the service, make sure you know the going rate. Always check to ensure the in-house medical transcriptionist has the necessary experience and qualifications to deliver quality service. There is always a risk of outsourcing the service since your personal information may be relayed over a non-NHS compliant server domiciled in a foreign country. Remember, a good transcription service will only hire qualified transcriptionists and ensure the highest quality of standards are observed.

Check the Security Features for Medical Transcription

When it comes to safety, choose a medical transcription service committed to keeping data safe in line with the NHS Information Governance Mandate and Data Protection Act regulations. The safety requirements are broad-ranging and cover every aspect of data protection. These include designated security officials, security awareness training, contingency planning, third-party contracts, security management system, and security incident procedures. Therefore, it is incumbent for hospitals and doctor’s offices to choose NHS compliant transcription services to avoid legal violations and possible lawsuits that could stem from mismanaging patient information. Besides the Data Protection Act, medical transcription services also need a solid in-house data protection safety net to monitor changes to the data to file effectively and prevent breaches, audit and report data access, and respond fully to mass access, among other safeguards. 

Check Medical Transcription Accuracy

Accuracy is a critical factor that can push you towards one transcription service over the other. For the most part, a score of 98% or higher is considered a pass. One of the main issues that can cause medical transcription accuracy to suffer is hiring off-shore transcription services who then hand over your work to non-native speakers. Secondly, you can expect costly delays because medical transcription audio may be laden with complex terminology, which takes up a lot of time to transcribe. The transcriptionist may forgo such work and go for something easier to transcribe and edit since the payments are usually based on an hourly rate, so spending more time on audio could translate to a lower payout. Poor quality audio submission can also dampen the final accuracy reading. That may be the case if a tired physician or an administrative assistant is doing the recording after a long shift. Espresso Translations is a 100% UK-based company. We have native speakers, offer personalized transcription, and accuracy rates are guaranteed. Our costing is in line with the industry standard. Clients who want to try our services are welcome to enjoy free trial services.

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