The seamlessness of your moving process is greatly influenced by the moving company you engage. As a result, there is a need to pick a good moving company. This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right moving company. For instance, with the help of NYC to Boston movers you will have a smooth moving process without any loss or damage.

How to Choose Movers


Before making any major decision, it is usually best to carry out research ahead of time. This is also applicable when moving. Although the research process may sometimes prove to be a lot of work, it is definitely worth the stress when you find the best moving company for you.


On your journey to discovering how to choose a local moving company, referrals are a great option. As a result, it is recommended that your first point of call should be to ask those around you- friends, colleagues, and family if they have had previous experiences with movers. You are likely to get a few recommendations on the best movers you can work with.

Online Reviews

If verbal referrals do not provide you with the required result, you can also consider checking for reviews online. An estimated forty million Americans move yearly and a reasonable percentage of them use professional movers. If you search properly, you are sure to find reviews and experiences related to many companies, providing you with multiple options to choose from.

Think Local

It is best if you engage the services of movers that are based in your locality. This is a security measure as you are more susceptible to scams if you decide to engage in a company you do not have easy access to. Verification is easier when there are no third parties involved, hence, the need to think locally.

Federal Registrations

Engaging the services of a moving company that is not registered federally comes with its dangers. As a result, one of the first steps in finding out how to choose a removal company is to contact the company’s Department of Transportation and confirm that they are federally registered. They can also provide you with information on the insurance status of the company.

Lodged Complaint History

It is possible to find out if complaints have been lodged against a company you are considering. There are search tools that you can use to provide you with all the necessary information you need.

Written Estimate

Before you can begin to compare estimates from different companies, you first need to compile the estimates. This means that you are to request in-house estimates from the companies you are considering. To get a detailed and precise moving quote, it is best to let the company carry out an appraisal of your home to know exactly what they are dealing with.

Be Clear on the Services Offered

This is why an in-house appraisal is important. You need to know the exact services the company will be offering for their estimated price. You should communicate all that you really want and let the movers know if there are any special or large items you would like to move as well.

Bind Estimates

One of the things to note when deciding how to choose a long-distance moving company is to request a binding estimate. A binding estimate is a document the moving company provides, assuring you that you will not be charged more than what was originally communicated to you. Some companies provide this estimate at a cost, while some provide it for free.

Do Not Pay a Deposit

You should understand that it is not standard practice to pay a deposit when dealing with a moving company. If your preferred company, however, asks for a deposit, you should research and confirm that it is one with a positive reputation and minimal negative reviews.

Compare Estimates

When you have finished compiling estimates from different companies, you can then begin to compare their prices. You should not fall into the trap of believing the cheapest company is the best option to go for. It goes deeper than that. Conduct an in-depth comparison of not just their prices but also the services they offer. When selecting a moving company for your international move, it’s crucial to consider the intricacies of international shipping rates. These rates can vary significantly based on factors such as distance, destination, shipment size, and shipping method. Research thoroughly and request detailed quotes to ensure transparency and make an informed decision for a smooth and cost-effective relocation.

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Tips on Avoiding Scams

The Hostage

Just like a hostage situation, the mover will insist on holding on to your belongings until you increase the original amount that was agreed upon. They could ask for double or even triple the initial estimate.

Bait and Switch

A mover is possibly scamming you if they suddenly change the moving arrangement at the last minute. This is more suspicious when the change in arrangement results in an increase in moving costs.

Ridiculous Delivery Fees

When the mover brings up extra charges associated with your delivery, it might just be a ploy to scam you.

Late Delivery

It may not be out of place to experience a little delay in having your products delivered, but an extensive delay period may indicate a potential scam.


This is when you have no means of reaching the mover after you have made payment. They leave with your money and cut all means of communication.


You can have an extremely convenient moving process if you carefully apply all that was discussed in this post. Make a decision you will not regret and contact us today to get started.