So, you have decided to pursue a challenging career, something that is in demand today and will stay relevant in the highly dynamic job market. If you want to kickstart a career in the technology sector, then data analysis might just be the field for you. Today, thousands of professionals are overwhelmed by the number of job opportunities available for data experts and want to step into the world of data science. Moreover, comparatively higher salaries associated with data roles are also one of the factors driving the interest of professionals in this field. 

Data analysis, basically a subfield of data science, refers to the manipulation of raw data to extract valuable conclusions from it. We know that companies collect a massive amount of data these days to make more informed decisions. However, the data collected is in raw format and is not useful until it is analyzed properly and trends are pointed out. A data analyst is responsible for gathering data from multiple sources, going through it, and applying a logical and methodical approach with the right questions in mind. The trends and correlations found at the end help answer the business problems that data analysts have to solve. 

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One convenient way to start a career in data analysis is to enroll in a reliable online training course. The best part is, even if you are seeking a Data analyst course in Atlanta, you can get guidance from industry experts across the world through online courses. All you would need to do is select an appropriate training provider, start with a data analyst course as per your learning needs and continue at your comfortable pace. 

When it comes to selecting a data analysis training course, learners have a lot of questions in their minds. One of the common ones is – what background is required for a data analyst course? Well, if you too are searching for its answer, then this article is for you. Find out by reading the rest of the sections.

Things to Know Before Enrolling in a Data Analyst Course

No doubt a data analyst course can make you job-ready and open the doors to many data opportunities available across the world. But there are certain things to be kept in mind before enrolling in any specific course. Let us begin by discussing the educational background required. 

Educational background 

There is no degree specifically dedicated to data analysis. However, a graduate degree in computer science, information technology, applied mathematics, or statistics definitely helps when beginning to learn data analysis. Such degrees give you a structured path towards mastering this field. This doesn’t mean that professionals from the non-technical background aren’t eligible for data analyst roles. By going through proper training, working on some industry projects, or pursuing a data analyst certification can also help them enter this promising career. A year or two of work experience in the IT industry is also helpful. 

Another option is to go for a master’s degree. Not many universities offer a post-graduate program in data analysis specifically. So, if you are interested, you can take up a master’s degree in related fields like data science, computer science, or management information systems. Though a master’s degree isn’t mandatory when beginning your data analyst career, it shows to the employers your seriousness regarding the job. 

If you don’t find a university program, you can also check out the post-graduate programs offered by online training providers as well. They usually offer courses specific to data analysis. Each training provider has a different set of eligibility criteria that includes around 50 to 60% score in graduation or some prior work experience. You can check with the training provider before enrolling in their data analyst program. 

Skills Required

The right blend of soft skills and technical skills is essential to become a successful data analyst. Under soft skills, you must be comfortable working with numbers, have a curious nature, pay attention to details, ability to dig deeper, enjoy storytelling, and be keen to identify trends and patterns. You can gain the technical skills through an online course, that will cover understanding the problem, finding and gathering the right datasets, data cleaning and preparing it for analysis, and analyzing and mining valuable insights, and so on. 

On completing the course

Now one more question that concerns learners is what after completing a data analyst course. It is important to note that if you are a beginner and have no prior work experience, a course will not help you land a job instantly. An online course is designed to impart the right skills and assist you regarding the data analyst job role. However, it will be your effort that will help you find a job. For experienced professionals, such courses can help switch to a new domain or enhance their existing skills to get better job growth. 

Bottom Line 

Now that you have a clear idea regarding things to keep in mind before enrolling in a data analyst course, you can move ahead accordingly. Training providers like Simplilearn, edX, Udacity, and Coursera offer high-quality and reliable data analyst courses that you can pursue. So, get started today and take your data analyst career to new heights.

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