It’s the simple things in life that matter the most, right? It’s the simple joys that give meaning to an otherwise barren day. The simple things are so important that if we miss them, we probably will not notice them for a while. There’s a reason why simple things are important. It’s because when we miss these simple things—we, in turn, get messed up. Same with our soft copy files, just a tiny detail of error, a misaligned image, a typo in the worst area, an element that should not be, and the file could be labeled as incompetent, and your claim to the high attention to detail will soon be another thing, left in the dust. The devil is in the detail, as they say, and the details in your PDF are tiny pitfalls that he sets up like the pages in your PDF. If you want to judge a bullet targeted at your heart, then you should know better than to use an unreliable website to do the job for you, and use GogoPDF instead.  

Add Pages to PDF Pages with Ease

Some individuals, whether you believe me or not, would search long hours on the internet for information like this, many people would think that’s highly exaggerated. But wait for them to be up, 4 in the morning, turning and tossing their brains to add such a simple element but failing to do so. You will not be able to hear them saying it’s a joke. The solution to such a simple task, so simple that even Adobe acrobat would provide complicated processes just so it has the potential to drive you crazy if not executed, is through the simple steps found on GogoPDF, this is how you add page numbers to PDF.

  1. Upload your PDF to their website. Get it from your device or drag and drop it into the toolbox.
  2. Choose what part of the page you want the numbers to appear, then save all the changes you made.
  3. Select how you want to share your document. You can either email the file or copy the link that we will provide.
  4. Download and save your newly numbered PDF file on your computer or share it on all your social media accounts.

After that, you can finally rest, breathe, and not long after, you will encounter another PDF-related task and scout the net with heavy eyes on how to. 

But, just in case you didn’t notice, the answer to simplifying all PDF tasks is with GogoPDF. If you’re wondering what kind of tools are in a store, then below are the tasks GogoPDF can do for you!

Convert File to and From PDF

PDF files are the thing today. It’s the format to use to make your files compact and readable regardless of any device use or software installed. But despite the prominent use of PDF files, there aren’t a lot of PDF software and websites around that could handle the job of conversion. A simple conversion done with an unreliable website could implant viruses into your files and have them damaged. That’s why GogoPDF makes sure that every conversion process will produce quality outputs and keep your files safe. You can convert files to and from the PDF format. File formats from PPT, Excel, Word, JPG, PNG, can be easily converted to PDF files and vice versa. 

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View and Edit Your PDF

As mentioned, after adding pages to your files, there might be additional elements you want to add to enhance your PDF file. With GogoPDF, besides adding pages, you can include watermarks and e-signatures. With some software applications and websites, these tasks can be hard to execute, especially with a complicated process provided. You will either lose patience or lose your way while navigating through them. GogoPDF knows how software technology could be difficult to maneuver for those who are not tech-savvy, that’s why it takes all the complicated steps away and does the work for its users. All you have to do is follow the simple steps laid down by each process and you’ll have the expected result, minus the stress, in no time. 

Organize Your PDF Files

GogoPDF has got editing and conversion covered, but its area of expertise doesn’t end there. It also has options to organize your PDF files. We all know that organizing is part of setting the proper placement and order of things and setting the flow. With GogoPDF you can add, separate, merge and even delete PDF pages to make sure that all elements in your file are in proper order, and all sensitive information is tucked away. GogoPDF knows that details in your reports, file, and documents are not left to chance. 

Optimize PDF Document

Besides being a universal format, the PDF is also very handy when it comes to saving up storage space in your device. The PDF file in itself already consumes less space compared to other formats. But if you have to maximize its space-saving attribute, you have to compress your PDF, and GogoPDFis equipped for the task. With the help of GogoPDF‘s compression tool, you can save more space to store more files. If you also have PDF files with damaged pages, then GogoPDF can also repair them. Pages that were damaged by distortion can be assessed for repair with GogoPDF. 

Secure Your PDF and Files

Last but never the least is your PDF file security. With today’s modern tech, access to any sensitive information or PDF file is equivalent to leaving the door to your house open. PDF files are very shareable, and with that comes the risk of files going to the hands of the wrong person. With GogoPDF, you can apply password encryption to your files to ensure that only authorized individuals can open them. 

In Conclusion

No doubt, GogoPDF provides you with hassle-free, swift, and easy tools to create the best PDF you ever will want to achieve. So if you want to make the simple things in life remain simple, use GogoPDF to assist you with all your PDF files!

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