A smoother ride is possible with a little know-how. Here are some tips for a better and easier ride on your eBike

Tire Pressure Myth

Extremely high tire pressure does not in fact lead to less rolling resistance. That is a myth, especially when you are off-road. Climbs require the correct tire pressure, or else the motor’s power is not transferred. Skidding can occur due to a loss of traction. Riding style and weight even play a factor. For example, if you have plus-size tires, 0.9 to 1.3 bar is best.

Open Up Suspension

Regarding E-MTBs, suspension lockout seems a tad redundant. It is going to eat into the range and take away from your comfort level. Setting up and correctly opening up the suspension enables tires to run over the obstacles without any problem. Do not use that lockout lever. 

Fewer Problems without Tubes

Conventional tubes like those used on the Xiaomi Himo Z20 mean a higher chance of tire punctures happening, and you also have to put up with a decrease in range. You can read more about it in the Green Electric Scooters review. Tubeless tires have more capabilities regarding adapting to terrain and those uneven trails. You are going to be able to take those bumps better, which is what off-roading is all about.

The Correct Mode

Choosing the correct pedal-assist level is important, and you need to be thinking ‘as little as possible.’ Eco-riding is just not a lot of fun. If you constantly use turbo mode, however, you are going to have to sacrifice a little when it comes to range. Keep that in mind as you keep climbing those hills during your adventures. You want to be able to make those climbs with ease. 

Large Cassette

Large cassettes featuring 48t sprockets can help you make big climbs. You can also get the proper cadence. You want the motor to be running optimally, and the large cassettes are a decisive factor in terms of efficiency. 

Oiled Up

When talking about gears, the range has an enemy, and that is friction. If the chain is not running properly, you are going to risk losing power. Drivetrains have to be clean and well-maintained. The best thing to do is use a dry cloth to pat the chain after a ride. After doing that, oil the chain lightly.  

Crucial Cadence

Approximately 75 strokes per minute are as good as it gets for most motors. Optimal cadence is necessary for range. You do not want fewer pedal strokes. Cadence must be adjusted if this happens. Pay attention to the directions from the motor manufacturer. You want maximum efficiency, and cadence is crucial when it comes to range. 

Pick Those Lines

Anticipating a trail has everything to do with safety and range. Pick those lines, and try to avoid having to run over those rocks and roots every single time. Eventually, you hit the terrain like a pro, but it takes time. Always look at the trail ahead of you. Do not fix your gaze on the front wheel, as this can cause all kinds of problems.  

Hit Corners Correctly

Hitting corners at speed is key because you use less energy. This saves your battery over the long term. Those corners have everything to do with your range and running the motor optimally. It is better to take them ‘at speed.’ 

The outside corner is usually the flattest part, and that makes it more ideal. While it looks as if it is a longer route, it saves energy over the long haul.

Circular Pedal Strokes

Your foot on the gas intermittently wastes fuel. This rule of thumb goes for E-MTBs as well. Circular pedal strokes make for balanced signals, helping you to save energy. You want to be able to last the entire adventure vs break down mid-ride.

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