Can’t watch a new episode of your favorite Netflix series? Check out these tips to troubleshoot all the common Netflix errors. We will explain to you how to eliminate many common problems with Netflix without expecting a response from their support. If you have problems with Netflix, you can handle them by yourself in most cases and watch any show you want.

When you are asking yourself, “Why does my Netflix keep saying error?” regularly, you will find help in our article and watch any movies or series you want. We will clarify all the typical Netflix connection issues and how to fix them.

Ensure You Have Access to Netflix from Your Location

Geolocation restrictions developed by this platform are hard to surpass. While experiencing connection issues, you need to ensure the certain Netflix website is accessible from your area and there is nothing wrong with your Internet connection. For most users, a VPN service is an optimal way to get their Netflix unblocked and enjoy streaming the content without any limits. All you need is to download a special app or a browser extension. Services like VeePN have developed an algorithm that allows unblocking the content and streaming from any area at a rocket-fast speed. You don’t need to purchase the subscription right away; better use a trial option first. Usually, it is free, and you can try different services to choose a suitable one. This is the very first thing to eliminate and then keep searching for other reasons.

How Do I Fix Netflix Errors Quickly?

First, you need to realize that there is no universal solution for all the Netflix problems. The Netflix connection issues can appear in your house, with your network connection, or on the road to the server. We divided the common problems into groups and presented effective ways to deal with each group separately.

Low Quality and Slow Load Speed

The bad Internet connection causes this issue most frequently. This is a common problem if you use a shared network. Test your internet speed with special tools and see if it’s enough to get SD or HD quality. Then, you need to restart your device, modem, or router. Unplug the modem or router for 1 minute and then plug them back in. Make sure there are no obstacles near your router that can cause connection problems.

If you have an old router, you might need to upgrade it or install a new Wi-Fi setup that can cover all the devices in your home. Try to connect to the modem directly from your ISP to find out whether there is a problem with your router.

Another reason for slow load time is the use of a VPN that unblocks Netflix. Ensure the provider has numerous servers in different locations. Choose a VPN that offers unlimited server switching to fix this Netflix streaming issue.

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Sometimes you need to switch from cellular to Wi-Fi to check if it fixes the error. Sometimes changing a connectivity form will start the app.

Netflix App Crashing

This is the most frustrating problem but fixing it is quite easy. First, you need to restart an app on your device (phone, Smart TV, etc.). If it doesn’t help, let’s try uninstalling an app, restarting a device, and then reinstalling Netflix. The common solution to the problem “Why is Netflix not working on my smart TV?” is to log out of your account and then sign back in. Maybe you missed some important updates, and now the app can’t work on your Smart TV device.

4K Issues

Your TV should support 4K, and HDR support would be beneficial. You also need to purchase the most high-priced plan. Make sure your movie is possible to watch in Ultra HD quality. Usually, all the Netflix originals and most contents are available in this quality.

The typical problem is low connection speed. If you had your Netflix unblocked with VPN software, make sure to use the fastest server. 

The minimum suitable speed is 25Mbps and faster for streaming 4K. Your VPN that unblocks Netflix should have an unlimited opportunity to change servers manually or to connect your phone to the fastest server automatically. If the speed is high enough, pay attention to your device. Some older devices may stop supporting 4K due to the release of updates. You may need a new device that supports 4K.

Movies Not Loading

This is a typical issue for mobile phones and tablets. Before fixing it, make sure you have the latest possible OS version and the most recent version of the Netflix application. If your device is jailbroken or rooted, you may also experience these issues. Check if your device has enough storage to download watch any show or movie.

If all the tips from this guide don’t help, you should contact the help center by phone or in chat and get support from the specialists. They usually respond within five minutes.

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