The Parmigiani Fleurier watch company, founded by Michael Parmigiani in 1996 and based out of Fleurier, Switzerland, has provided its customers with high-quality watches for over two decades. Their creative designs are always a favorite among buyers looking to invest their money into something that will last them many years to come.

Swiss watchmakers may be known for their impeccable reputation, but this new company quickly makes a name for itself. The Parmigiani Fleurier watches are just some of the many products that have made it so well-regarded in such a short amount of time.

1. Kalpa Automatic Grey Dial 45mm 18ct Rose Gold Men’s Watch

Every detail of this Kalpa Rose Gold Men’s watch is stunning. The grey dial and rose gold plated indicators complement one another beautifully, while the case has a gorgeous design composed of two colors: rose gold and leather. This wristwatch not only displays hours, minutes, seconds but also features three subdials that display more information for you to enjoy!

Something that makes Parmigiani Fleurier a top-notch Swiss watchmaker is the fact they offer watches with such intricate designs. When it comes to their quality, all of them are flawless and made to last as long as possible.

Something else we want you to know about this model is the water resistance up to 30 meters. The thing that sets these guys apart from others, though? They have an excellent color scheme and construction, which mimics other companies’ styles but expands upon them in new ways!

2. Tonda Metropolitaine Automatic Mother Of Pearl Dial 33mm Stainless steel Ladies Watch

With a diameter of 33.10 millimeters, the Tonda Metropolitaine timepiece is slightly smaller than its brother-watch above – but it still has all those superb features that make both watches so great!

This elegant and luxurious watch is not just a beautiful accessory. It also has the practicality of everyday life. With its PF310 movement that can withstand up to 30 meters of water pressure (making this great for any activity) and beautiful mother-of-pearl dials with rose gold indices, you have everything needed in one sleek package!

3. Tonda Metropolitaine Selene Automatic White Mother of Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel Ladies Watch

The Tonda Metropolitaine Selene timepiece is a beautiful wristwatch with an elegant design that people of all ages and genders can appreciate. The white mother-of-pearl dial adds just the right amount of charm to this watch; which has other aesthetic features like metal flowers in the middle and at 12 o’clock for added detail.

This watch is just as beautiful and abundant on the inside, with an 18 karat gold case and leather band. It’s not too big or bulky for any woman to wear either- coming in at 33.7 millimeters wide! Plus, its simple design makes it perfect for all occasions, whether formal or every day.

The timepiece has an elegant metal finish of rose gold which will complement your style effortlessly. So regardless if you’re heading out to work every day or going over last-minute details before a night even; this timeless piece can’t go wrong!

4. Tonda Metrographe Automatic White Dial 40mm Stainless steel Men’s Watch

The Parmigiani Fleurier model – Tonda Metrographe watch is a stainless steel case; and it features an opaline finish on the dial with rhodium-plated appliques. Combining these two materials makes this timepiece extremely easy to see in low-light situations; even if you don’t want to wear your glasses!

This wristwatch is not just for everyday purposes, but can also be used in water. It has a higher level of protection than most watches and will function even when the battery dies. It also fits your needs no matter what kind of day you’re having; whether it includes swimming or simply checking the time from across town.

5. Toric Automatic Slate Dial 41mm 18ct Red Gold Men’s Watch

The Parmigiani Fleurier Toric watch is a perfect choice for anyone looking to exude elegance and power. The slate-colored dial with guilloche detailing on the hands; like previous watches listed, projects an air of dignity that emphasizes classiness rather than flashiness. With its dark color scheme and rose gold index appliques in 18-karat Rose Gold (RGP); this timepiece will be at home either as dress wear or just to add refined style accenting your wardrobe day after day.

The watch is constructed with 18-karat red gold, adding a bit of glamor to its appearance. The back features an etched sapphire skeleton, which adds refinement and water resistance up to 30 meters in depth. This wristwatch exemplifies the skillful craftsmanship found at Parmigiani Fleurier. It’s sleekly stylish and functional – making this one for anyone who appreciates quality timepieces!


Parmigiani Fleurier is a brilliant and innovative Swiss watchmaker. Even though it’s much younger than other luxury brands on the market, its unwavering efforts have earned this firm an international reputation for excellence in design that few of its contemporaries can match.

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