When it comes to wristwatch making, one of the most extraordinary wristwatch manufacturers you can find in today’s market is the Piaget Watches. You can find tons of timepieces with different combinations of style and functionality that you will enjoy wearing. The diversity of their timepiece production can help you change the way you usually consider when looking for a suitable wristwatch.

Suppose that you are still learning with a luxury wristwatch in today’s market. Then, here are the best choices to start considering.

Piaget Polo Skeleton Watch

The first timepiece on our list is the Piaget Polo Skeleton Watch from the Piaget watch collection. This is one of the most refined timepieces you can have from this list. It is made for men with a combination of superb features and style. It is made with a steel case and a strap made with an ardillon buckle which made this timepiece stunning.

The size of this timepiece comes with a diameter of 42 millimeters which is considered a standard size for a luxury wristwatch. This comes with a cushion shape and a skeleton with a sapphire crystal case back that helps it be more sturdy than ever. Moreover, it is an automatic mechanical timepiece that allows it to last longer years to come.

Piaget Polo S Chronograph Blue

The second timepiece is the Piaget Polo S Chronograph Blue timepiece. It has the same size as our previous timepiece shown with 42 millimeters in diameter. However, this comes with an upgrade of having stainless steel materials in making its casing that helps to be more sturdy but at the same time lighter, which allows for the overall comfortability when worn.

This cushion-shaped timepiece comes with a sapphire crystal back and a guilloche finishes making it look astonishing. The 100 meters of water resistance is also a good addition, making this timepiece immune to water damage, allowing you to take quick dives, bathe in the rain, or wash your hands without hesitating.

Piaget Limelight Gala Watch (G0A41213)

The third timepiece is the Piaget Limelight Gala watch with the model number G0A41213. This timepiece comes with a rose gold case and a strap of the integrated clasp, making the combination of both look stunning as it can get. It is also a round shape wristwatch with a diameter of 32 millimeters which includes this timepiece to the considerations of small wrist size individuals.

It also delivered a beautiful dial with a design of roman numerals indexes and surrounded with diamond precision stones. However, with all of those fantastic combinations of style and features. One downside about this timepiece is the availability of only 30 meters of water resistance.

Piaget Limelight Gala Watch (G0A41181)

The fourth timepiece that we will be introducing to you is another stunning wristwatch that you should consider. The model G0A41181 has a rose gold material with a white satin strap and an ardillon buckle making it look magnificent. This type of wristwatch is on top of the recommendations of every wristwatch enthusiast. It is an excellent timepiece to be worn in formal events that may help the overall appearance of your outfit.

In addition to its beautiful dial are the precious diamond stones. It is another round shape timepiece 32 millimeters in size that allows you to do minimal water activities given that it can only be submerged within 30 meters deep. Overall this is an extraordinary timepiece that should check upon purchasing in today’s market.

Piaget Altiplano Watch

The Piaget Altiplano watch is an outstanding timepiece you can consider purchasing that comes with a lot of diversity. It has a combination of style and function. The white gold case makes it look better than your average luxury wristwatch in the market. The round shape of 40 millimeters also helps to make this timepiece look sleeker than usual.

One of the most critical factors that might be a game-changer when it comes to luxury wristwatches is the alligator strap with an ardillon buckle that elevates the comfortability when worn. In addition, the automatic mechanical movements make this timepiece last for generations. An additional feature is the 30 meters water resistance.


The five timepieces that we have shown you above are just some of the tons of wristwatch collections. Suppose that you have not found a suitable wristwatch that is in line with your needs and wants. You can always browse through more wristwatches from the Piaget wristwatch brand. The number of quality timepieces you are about to discover may also surprise you.

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