Top loading washing machines have always been people’s top choice to wash their clothes. Not only are these machines effective, but they are also convenient to use and come with impressive features. Here are some top load washing machines that you can rely on.

1. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (REW 6.5, White)

Give your clothes the care they deserve with this IFB top load washing machine. With a capacity of 6.5 Kg, the machine is perfect for couples and even bachelors. Its dynamic water system soaks the clothes entirely in the water to give them a better and more thorough wash. The built-in agitator also does an amazing job at energizing the water, which in turn dissolves the detergent better to give a powerful wash. Additionally, the soft scrub pads attached to the drum ensure that even the most stubborn stains are taken care of. The washing machine also has a smart technology that optimizes water consumption to help you save water. With a stainless steel drum, you can be assured that the drum will last you for years.

2. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA65A4002VS/TL, Imperial Silver, Center Jet Technology)

There’s no name in the world of consumer electronics that is more reliable than Samsung. This fully automatic Samsung washing machine gives you the ultimate level of convenience a washing machine can provide. It has multiple wash modes that help you to choose the correct program for different kinds of fabrics. The ‘Quick Wash’ mode is a blessing for every individual, as it promises effective washes in considerably less time. Other modes like the ‘Delicate Wash’ mode are perfect for handling finer fabrics with the utmost care. The washing machine’s Magic Filter also does an amazing job at collecting all the dirt, sand, and lint from your clothes.

3. Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ACE SUPREME PLUS 7.2, Coral Red, Ace Wash Station)

For quick and efficient washes, this 7.2 Kg semi-automatic washing machine from Whirlpool is the ideal choice. Its advanced technology soaks the clothes very well in a mixture of water and detergent. The machine then provides clean clothes within just 25 minutes. This amazing feature can help you save a lot of time that fully automatic washing machines usually take. With 3 different wash programs (delicate, normal, heavy), you can always find the right option to treat your clothes the best possible way. Lastly, the washing machine also has a plastic body which ensures that it remains corrosion and rust-free. You can purchase this Semi-Automatic washing machine which is very affordable

4. LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T65SKSF4Z, Middle Free Silver)

Energy-efficient and effective, this LG washing machine can save you time and money. This LG washing machine runs on a smart inverter motor which optimizes the power consumption depending on the current state of operation. This in turn can help you save a lot on your electricity bills. The machine’s Turbo Drum spins and rotates the clothes in multiple directions to sanitize them perfectly. Additionally, the stainless steel nature of the wash drum also ensures that all kinds of bacteria and allergens are kept at bay. Furthermore, LG’s SmartThinQ app can help you detect any problems with your washing machine without consulting a mechanic.

5. Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F60LF1HRB, Grey)

This washing machine from Panasonic is designed to take care of all sorts of fabrics — from heavy laundry like curtains to even delicate linens. Different customized programs like Heavy, Delicate, Quick, Air Dry, and Tub Clean can be used to clean a range of materials proficiently. The ‘Air Dry’ feature is particularly useful as it helps you wash, rinse, and dry clothes within a few minutes when you’re in a hurry. The effective Fuzzy Control technology automatically weighs the load and suggests the ideal water level for it. Features like these make your task a lot easier. The washing machine also flaunts a One Touch Smart Wash feature which customizes different settings for the wash cycle, wash mode, and rinsing time to provide you with great results. Finally, the rust-proof body of the washing machine is also an added perk that makes it worth every penny. 

Other than these models, other reliable top load washing machines include:

6. Onida 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T70FGD, Grey)

7. Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT EON 620 A Gp Gr, Grey)

8. Samsung 7 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA70T4262GS/TL, Imperial Silver, Wobble technology)

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