The question of whether US citizens have dual citizenship has been actively discussed since the beginning of the pandemic in 2019. Changes in the political situation, scary events, and a lack of accurate information about the future are forcing people to look for new ways out. It is possible to find answers to your questions and then make a decision by reading the research

Dual Citizenship in the United States: Yes or No

The legal system of the United States allows its citizens to obtain citizenship in other countries. The procedure does not stand out from other similar processes, but according to the opinion of Immigrant Invest expert Elena Ruda, it is worth getting a consultation with a lawyer to clarify the details.  

Dual citizenship for Americans is allowed, and you can use one of the suggested ways to do so:

  • marrying someone who is already a U.S. citizen;
  • birth of a child within state borders (it is possible to ” leave” the citizenship of the parents);
  • going through the naturalization procedure in accordance with the established procedure;
  • investing in the economy of another country in order to obtain a Golden Visa.

Each of these options of dual American citizenship is available to certain categories of the population, so there is no need to make a choice. Since it is not necessary to refuse the passport of a citizen of another state, the resident can continue to use both documents for identification documents to move. 

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Golden Visa and Dual Citizenship

Attracting investors to develop the economy is a common policy in the international community. The amount of investment, processing conditions, and timing of the official response vary, so those who want to get a second passport to have several options for US dual citizenship. 

Among the popular programs to obtain a residence permit for investing in the economy, there are several EU countries that allow dual citizenship with us: 

  1. Portugal. Investment in real estate will allow you to get a second citizenship.
  2. Malta. Interested investors must invest in certain funds and participate in projects.
  3. St. Nevis. This is a profitable offer since investors do not have to reside permanently in the country.

To choose the right option, it is necessary to consider not only calculating the size of the investment or familiarizing yourself with benefits but also studying the requirements for residents.

The list includes the required package of documents (such as birth or marriage certificates), bank statements, and proof of financial stability.

Projects in which you can invest are also included in the list of rules. For example, some countries in Europe offer to make investments in charitable foundations. Familiarize yourself with the details during a consultation with a lawyer who knows the requirements of the particular country for non-residents. 

Why Dual Citizenship is Generating So Much Interest

The instability of the economy, which was caused by the pandemic in 2019, makes you think about getting out of situations. The re-registration of companies takes a lot of time, and the red tape “kills” such a desire. In this case, dual American citizenship will help protect your assets.

Legislation is different, but many countries develop unique programs for obtaining Golden Visa to attract investment. In this way, it is possible to choose favorable conditions and move the business to that state, which guarantees more stability. 

US dual citizenship does not prevent entrepreneurs to implement their strategic plans. In addition, obtaining a passport allows you to get rid of the need to apply for a visa to the Schengen zone or the European Union. In some cases, citizens can travel to about 150 countries without having to submit a request. 

The presence of benefits in the form of quality medical care and educational opportunities also attracts entrepreneurs. For this reason, more and more investors are applying for citizenship not only for themselves but also for their families.

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