Creating an Online Casino Game: Tips to Consider Before the Start

You might be a passionate gambler or a businessman embarking on a new project. Either way, you are considering making an online casino game. That’s a complex task that requires time, effort, and other resources. In this guide, we’ll discuss expert tips that can help during the creation process. Here is what to consider when making a casino game!

It’s All About Finding a Great Idea

A simple Spin247 online casino login will reveal thousands of games in the website’s library. It’s not easy to find an innovative idea in the internet gambling market. That’s why the primary focus should be on this point.

This can help to find the right idea:

  • Is there a unique slot background story to use for your title?
  • Do you have a gameplay twist to add to a table game?
  • Can you come up with an original feature that distinguishes your title from similar ones?

The odds are you’ll take a basic concept and upgrade it. For example, the basic blackjack has many variations with different side bets, doubling options, etc.

The Rules Should Be Easy to Understand

Each casino game should have clear rules. Clarifying everything and leaving nothing to assumptions ensures you avoid potential gray areas that could cause problems. A professional can help you write the instructions. However, it should be sufficient to add steps of playing, available moves and feature explanation, and payment structure.

Rules should also be simple to understand. After all, the beautiful thing about casino games is that they are easy to learn but hard to master. The ground rule is that it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to explain the rules to someone. If it takes longer, it’s a sign the game is more complex than necessary.

Think About the RTP Percentage

RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player. This is the percentage of user stakes that they receive back. It refers to a theoretical percentage return to all players calculated over a long time of playing.

Slot games can have RTPs anywhere from 85% to 95%. The odds are even more favorable in blackjack. The actual percentage you go with will depend on your analysis. It’s about finding a balance between maximizing profit and showing that your game pays attractive prizes.

Make Sure the Random Number Generator (RNG) Works

It’s not easy to make any game from scratch. The online casino software is especially demanding because it involves real money gaming. Players want a confirmation that your game is based only on chance.

The experts recommend using the “provably fair” system to ensure equal conditions for all players. Once the round finishes, the user can check the software’s hashes. That confirms the RNG used is fair, and only chance decides the round’s outcome.

Do You Have the Coding Knowledge Required?

Each game has two main aspects – programming and design. However, fantastic graphics aren’t worth much if the software has bugs and glitches. That’s why coding is your top priority when creating online casino games.

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Many programming languages, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, can be used for your project. You have two approaches – to develop the code by yourself or hire experts. If you have the knowledge and resources, the former is better. But if you aren’t sure you can do the job right, hiring pros is a wise move.

A Clean and Simple Layout

The minimum graphic quality you want to achieve is decent by today’s standards. Online casino games don’t necessarily offer 3D environments. However, the animations should be sharp and vivid, and everything should look crisp.

Developers must focus on the user interface. The game’s layout shouldn’t be complex. Players should find the desired action quickly. It’s common to put the betting options in the bottom section and the main menu on top. The central part of the screen serves for the actual gaming action.

Don’t Underestimate the Testing Phase

Did you prepare a beta version of your casino game? That implies that it’s time for testing. Many underestimate this phase and release the software too early. Unfortunately, problems occur down the road, and the project doesn’t turn out to be successful.

You need to cover three main areas during the testing phase:

  • Discovering and fixing bugs. Testers should spend days locating potential problems. It could be a button not working, crashes at certain points, etc. 
  • Optimize different versions. It’s ideal to have desktop and mobile variations of your software. The versions should offer the same features, and loading times should be minimal.
  • Focus on the gaming experience. Many developers ignore testing the actual playing experience. It’s smart to get actual gamblers to try the game and see if it’s fun. They might suggest changes to make the title more attractive.

Final Thoughts

These are only some pointers for designing online casino games. The hardest part is finding a unique idea for the title. You can experiment with new and creative approaches to existing card and slot games. There’s no need to complicate with side bets or extra features. One gameplay twist should be enough to entice the players while keeping the simplicity.

Your game should have a creative and attractive name that’s not too long. Don’t forget to patent the name and the concept before revealing the project to the public. It’s an ambitious project to design a casino game. However, if you are successful in attracting the players, you’ll enjoy reaping the benefits for a long. A single hit game can turn your studio into a major market player, which makes online gaming development worth trying!

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