Check Legitimacy of Online Casino

How Can You Tell If an Online Casino Is Legitimate?

There are thousands of online casinos out there. At last count, it was a little over 5,000 globally. Even if many casinos are banned in different countries, it still means there will be hundreds of potential casinos for you to choose from no matter where you live.

Unfortunately, not all of them are legit. Since gambling is still in a gray area and many people don’t like it, a lot of shady things happen. So, it’s a ripe venue for scammers and cybercriminals.

So, whenever you sign up for an online casino, you absolutely have to make sure that the casino is legitimate and aboveboard. If you don’t, you might get targeted for some kind of fraud or cybercrime.

Consequences of Playing at an Illegal Casino

If you don’t know what kind of consequences playing at an illegal casino online will have, just keep reading.

The most basic consequence is simply losing your money. If the casino is unreliable or not trustworthy, they will let you sign up and play as usual. After you are done playing, will your real problems start?

For instance, when you go to cash out, they will tell you there’s some problem with the payment methods. You will end up waiting for weeks or months. Basically, they want you to forget about it so they can steal your money.

There are worse things that could happen, though. For instance, cybercriminals could get their hands on your personal details. Using these, they could carry out identity theft or blackmail you.

Alternatively, they could steal your financial details instead. Using these, they could take money out of your credit card or bank account without you noticing. One day, you might simply wake up to find out your account has been frozen for suspicious activity.

One way this happens is that the fraudster sets up a different site that looks exactly like the casino site. You go to their site and enter your personal details without realizing it’s the wrong site. Instead of logging in, the site will show you an error, while sending the details to the scammer. This is known as pharming.

Do you really want to deal with all these issues while playing online casino games?

We’re guessing not. That’s why you should only play at licensed and regulated casinos online. Keep reading on to find out how you can tell if an online casino is legit.

Check for Licensing and Regulation

All legitimate and above-board casinos will be licensed and regulated by one or more government bodies. Regulatory organizations such as the Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gaming Commission Board, or UK Gambling Commission are highly regarded.

They check if a casino is legitimate, has proper security and encryption for keeping the casino players’ personal data safe, and if it has approved payment methods, and if all the casino bonuses and games are fair. If all of these check out, then they will give out the license.

Different regulators have different levels of strictness. Malta and UK are generally considered the strictest in the iGaming industry. Curacao is another very commonly used license but is not as strict.

The license will usually be given at the bottom of the page as a sticker. If you want to get confirmation, you can look up the registration number yourself.

Check for Third-Party Certifications

There are also third-party bodies that can test and certify an online casino. For example, groups like TST Global and eCOGRA are fairness regulators. They will play the various online casinos games and see if the games are unbiased and fair.

You can also check if the casino has won any awards. There are many awards for a casino online. These iGaming awards are prestigious and only given out to operators that are well known, high-quality, and legitimate.

Finally – this one is very important – check the security certificate of the casino website. This will protect you from phishing. The website’s URL should begin with ‘HTTPS’ and it should have the latest encryption techniques enabled. This will prevent a hacker from getting a user’s data.

Look at Reviews

Another way of finding out if an online casino is trusted is to simply let a trusted reviewer verify it for you. You can check out various reviews of that operator on online gambling-related sites.

The reviewers will mostly focus on what kind of online casino games and casino bonus offers there are, as well as the live casino experience and customer service. However, they will also highlight whether the casino is trustworthy and reliable, and which group is it licensed and regulated by.

In addition to reviews from dedicated reviewers, you could also check user reviews. These are reviews from normal people like you who played at the casino. They will not be as detailed, but if there are any kind of issues with the casino’s payment methods or customer service, they will definitely mention them.


We know you can’t wait to sign up at an online casino and start playing your favorite table games or live casino games. However, it’s extremely important to first make sure that the casino is fully licensed and regulated and that you can trust it. Otherwise, you are going to risk losing some real money or even bigger issues.

So, just check the casino’s licenses and certificates, as well as the URL and reviews before you dive in. Even checking for unfair casino bonuses is a good idea. You can play safely at winbet casino.

If you pick a trustworthy casino, you’ll be able to spend as much real money on your favorite online casino games without any worries!

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