Having a good Instagram reach is an advantage, as you can market your products and services to your followers. With having good impressions and reach on Instagram, you can rank your post higher on Explore section. Also, your account and post will be recommended to your desired audience. Most brands and companies contact influencers and creators on Instagram, having good reach to market their products. Hence, you can make extra cash from your Instagram account if you have a good amount of reach and followers on your profile.

Is It Safe to Buy Instagram Followers?

Yes, it is safe to buy Instagram followers. And Instagram doesn’t ban people from buying followers. If you are buying Instagram followers from any unauthorized service, there is a significant chance that they will send bot followers to your account. And bot followers are a risk for your account, as they will end your ranking and reach higher positions. Therefore, it is advisable to buy Instagram followers from a reliable source, ensuring that they will send organic followers and engagement in your account.

Why Are Instagram Followers Needed?

The whole social media presence framework is based upon numbers. Generally, massive followers have a good number of impressions (Likes, comments, shares), which increase their account reach. With more followers, you will get more visibility and attention, which can promote your own & different brands. And having a good number of followers can easily connect with your audience and gain their trust. With just a few thousand followers, you can easily interact with your audience. Many brands will contact you for their paid promotion, hosting events, etc. There are endless benefits of having a good number of followers and reach on your profile.

Where to Buy?

Most people are concerned about their online presence and visibility. Therefore, they need to uplift their reach to connect with more people. In this case, buying Instagram followers is the best option. They can expand their business or market their products easily over Instagram. But, where to buy genuine Instagram followers? There are many sites listed over the Internet, who provide Instagram followers at a cheap rate. Most of them are a scam, as they send pre-programmed bot followers to your account. These accounts don’t increase your reach, as the number of likes, shares, comments, and save is insufficient. Therefore, be aware of such sites. If you are looking to buy Instagram followers, who are honest and genuine, you can buy them at Unleap.com. Unleap is an online-based Instagram services website, which is treating users for a long time. They are the market leaders for providing different Instagram services and know which service will be helpful for you. They have categorized their services according to the requirements and preferences of the users. You can start buying Instagram followers from them at $9 only. Unlike disreputable sources, they respect their customer privacy and never share their data with third-party sources.

Why Consider Unleap over others?

A lot of websites offer cheap Instagram followers and services to users. But, most of them don’t comply with the necessary steps for protecting their user information and other factors. There are a lot of reasons for choosing Unleap over other such platforms. Some of the reasons are discussed below-

Instant Delivery

Whenever you buy a service from Unleap, your order will be delivered to your account instantly. As soon as you buy Instagram followers, Unleap pushes organic and genuine followers to the targeted Instagram account. And within few minutes, your order will be delivered to your account. Although the process may take some time, they ensure that you get exemplary service. They have stable financial systems installed over their website, through which you can make payments without any interference. Their website is well-optimized and supports a variety of platforms. There are many payments options available like e-Wallets, Bank cards, etc., from which you can buy Instagram followers. Also, if you face any problem while purchasing your order, you can contact their customer care services 24/7 for assistance.


In the present era, everything is done with the help of the Internet. People can access almost everything directly from their homes. But with this ease of convenience, there is a risk. While accessing any service, many third-party companies and outsiders can steal your vital personal information. And the same goes for these Instagram services websites.

Most of the websites have enabled third-party plugins and applications over their website, from which these sources can collect your data. But Unleap doesn’t allow any third-party plugin or application to operate over their website. They have strict rules and norms to protect their customer data from outsiders. Also, while delivering the services, they never ask for personal information or Instagram login credentials to provide their services. While accessing their services, you have to share your Instagram username only.

Also, they have enabled 128 bit SSL to enhance their website’s security level. None of your personal or purchase history information is shared with anyone. They have been offering services to their customers for a long time with a 100% customer satisfaction mark, making them the most reliable and trustworthy website on the Internet.


If you want to increase your online presence, you can buy genuine and organic followers from Unleap. Buying real followers will provide more impressions (likes, shares, tags, comments) on your profile, which will ultimately increase your profile reach. With having massive followers and reach on your account, you can collaborate with big companies and brands to influence your audience. Also, you can create your community sharing the same vision and goals.With a broader audience, you can feature yourself on Explore and trending section, attracting more users to your account. Also, you can reach your targeted audience, who share common interests. You can buy Instagram followers from Unleap, starting at $9 only. They have categorized their services with different prices according to user’s needs. To know more about their services and pricing, you can visit their website.

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