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  1. Fiber Optic Internet Providers 
  2. Bottom Line 

Fiber optic internet is relatively new, even though so many ISPs are offering it. Fiber optic’s rollout has been slower than expected, and many ISPs have less coverage when compared to their standard internet coverage. This is a huge factor that may hinder or limit the options of ISPs you have when trying to get a fiber-optic connection for your business. 

Here is a list of some of the best and most reliable internet providers that are offering fiber optic internet for various business needs. 

1. AT&T – Best for Large Companies/Businesses

AT&T is a great choice for large businesses. Some of the many advantages of subscribing to AT&T’s fiber plans are the no-contract model and unlimited data. If fiber optic packages aren’t sufficient for your needs; then you can always opt for basic cable internet plans that are made for business needs only. From large to small businesses, AT&T caters to all. 

One possible drawback of AT&T’s fiber optic internet is its uneven coverage. While cable internet is widely spread out, fiber still has a lot of areas to roll into. On the bright side, if you subscribe to one of AT&T’s fiber plans, you will also get equipment free of cost for the next 12 months! You also get equal download and upload speeds, and the well-known AT&T internet security software for your business! 

2. Verizon – Best for Businesses with Large Data Files, Lots of Video Conferencing

Verizon is an established name in this competitive market. With a 24/7 customer service line, widespread coverage, and fast-speed gigabit fiber optic internet, you cannot go wrong with Verizon. It is one of the very few ISPs that provide the closest practical internet speeds albeit in theory. So, if you are paying for 1000 Mbps, you can expect your money to be going into the right place because you’ll get an actual internet speed very close to that. 

You can get Verizon FiOS plans in bundles as well; so, you can get Verizon Voice and Fiber optic internet both together. It also has cable internet plans that are particularly designed for businesses. Due to fast internet speeds, exceptional customer service; we think that Verizon can be the most suitable choice for large businesses that require lots of heavy-duty upload and downloads. If your company has huge cloud storage to work upon, lots of video conferences lined up, and multiple digital marketing projects to carry out, then Verizon FiOS is the best option. 

3. Frontier – Best for Businesses Looking for a Budget Deal 

Many businesses are always looking for a cheap fast internet deal or bundle that can cut their overhead costs. While the internet is one of the most essential things for the majority of the businesses out there; compromising on the speed and quality of service is just not a good choice. For a budgeted deal, Frontier’s fiber optic internet can be the best you can get. Frontier has good coverage across 21 states, with Connecticut and California among the top. The best part about Frontier’s fiber internet is its business-dedicated plans that suit all types of business needs and usages. They start from 100 Mbps and go up to a whopping 1000 Mbps plan, so you can choose either of the extremes or somewhere in-between. The prices of the plans start at $49.99, and you can order online without much hassle. 

4. CenturyLink – Best for Small Businesses

Starting from standalone, no-contract internet packages, to affordable plans to 24/7 technical support, CenturyLink definitely is one of the best ISPs when it comes to choosing fiber optic plans for your small business. CenturyLink offers its fiber-optic plans with the name Fiber Gigabit in over 36 states; which is decent coverage when talking about the very recent fiber internet technology. With Century Link your business can enjoy seamless video conferences, cloud computing, professional installation of all networking hardware, and the possibility to bundle up packages. You can also check out DSL plans by the provider if you don’t need much higher speeds. For gigabit internet, the starting price is $65/month. 

Bottom line

 Summing it all up, we can agree that the final choice will depend on more factors than just availability. Some ISPs might even promise that their fiber optic connections are available in your area, but the speeds are much slower and signals are weaker than usual. Don’t forget to take into consideration important factors like availability; pricing, technical support, and also check out what other connectivity options and plans the ISP has. Buytvinternetphone is a one-stop solution for internet queries and solutions for homes, offices, schools, and other such services too! 

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