Many users of multimedia files wish to explore all options to make their work simple. As a beginner to the VLC media player online, you have to know the basics and make a decision to use it as per your needs. 

The VLC media player is an open-source and free cross-platform multimedia player as well as a framework designed to play the maximum multimedia files and different streaming protocols. 

This program is available for desktop operating systems as well as mobile platforms in particular Android, iPadOS, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 Mobile. The first-class features of this software make all users satisfied and encourage them to use it with no complexity and compromise on any favorable thing

Top 5 Things You Can Do with VLC Media Player

All users of the first-class VLC media player are aware of how to properly use its features and get the desired benefits without complexity in any aspect. However, beginners to this software require easy-to-understand details about how to use it as per needs. They can focus on the following details explaining things users can do with the VLC media player.  

1. Media Player

The high-quality features of the VLC media player assist users to play media files. You can use this software to play multimedia files, audio CDs, DVDs VCDs, and other streaming protocols. Every user of this application can play anything from anywhere at any time. 

They are confident and happy to use this tool to play audio and video content without complexity in any aspect. They are comfortable in their method to play the media files as conveniently as possible. They can play the usual file formats as well as rare file formats devoid of installing the external codecs. 

2. DVD Ripping

Another extraordinary feature of the VLC player is assists users to rip DVDs. You can use the basic DVD ripper in this tool and get the absolute benefits with no complexity. You will get simple guidance for using this tool and be encouraged to rip DVD files based on your needs. Attention-grabbing things about the video ripping facilities give you enough guidance and encourage you to use it as per your needs. 

However, this player comes with some limitations like unable to rip copy-protected DVDs, and the overall ripping speed also slower than some of the paid DVD rippers in the market.

3. Media Files Conversion

Converting media files from one format to another format is the important reason behind the increased eagerness of all users of the VLC media player to recommend it to others. You can choose and use this software soon after you have planned for the media file conversion without compromising your needs. 

The first-class features of this application give excellent assistance and benefits for all users. For example, you can use this software to convert the MP3 file to MP4, TF, ASF, OGG, and acc devoid of complexity in any aspect. In general, PDF files cannot be read with mobiles’ multimedia files. You can convert the PDF files to MP3 or MP4. An easy method to read the multimedia player and consume less space gives you an array of favorable things. 

4. Video Recording

Users of the reliable VLC media player also can record videos during playback.  They do it by accessing View > Advanced Control which shows off the hidden record button. If this button appears, then its users can record the video while playing and clicking the button again for completing the recording.  

Of course, the features may not as rich as screen capturing software, but at least you still can use the program to do the recording as you wish. Some more this is a free program, so you really cannot expect it to compete with shareware software.

5. Video Downloading

Downloading the videos using the VLC media player is one of the main benefits for users and an important reason behind the maximum success rate of this application. Imagine you can use the downloading facilities to download video from popular video-sharing portals like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. 

You can enjoy the downloaded movies files offline anytime and anywhere you like. This is one of the main benefits that you can expect from a VLC player. You will get absolute guidance and be eager to use it with no compromise on your requirements.  


Attractive things associated with the VLC media player encourage many people to decide on and use this application for various purposes. You can research the significant aspects of this software and use it with no complexity. 

You will get different benefits from the proper use of facilities in this application and be keen to use it based on your needs. The user-friendly interface of this tool assists its users to get exceptional benefits. 

Regular users of this software get 100% satisfaction and maximum confidence to recommend it to others. 

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