When it comes to setting up an account, we are well aware of the steps for it, but when creating its username part comes up it’s like standing in the middle of nowhere. Well, obviously we can use our own name, but what’s the fun in that? So the same goes for Gmail usernames, while picking a username for a Gmail account, you may look for something cool and exceptional that makes your account stand apart. 

But the question is, how? Well, that’s what I’m here for; to help you with picking the right Gmail username and some perfect Gmail username ideas for you. Let’s have a look. 

How to Choose the Right Email Address?

There are some aspects that you need to take care of before you pick a username for your Gmail account. Email service providers like Gmail and Outlook are absolutely free, and you can pick any username for your email address with zero limitations. 

Here are some tips you should consider for creating a Gmail username- 

Try the ideal name format at first

If you are not looking for anything fancy or extraordinary, go with the basic one, i.e., your name or your last name, or both. Once you pick a username, you will have a list of available usernames with the same. Here are some examples-

  • chris@gmail.com
  • chrispeters@gmail.com
  • chris.peters@gmail.com
  • peterschris@gmail.com

You can use the initials of your name.

If you think that using your name or last name is a bit too basic, you can use the initials of your name, I guess that will work. You can also use some characters like underscore, dot, or hyphen in between or after. Here’s how- 

  • Cpeters2gmail.com 
  • petersc.@gmailcom 
  • C_peters@gmail.com
  • chrisp@gmail.com 

Try using some valid prefixes or suffixes

You can also opt for using some valid and available prefixes or suffixes. Here’s how-

  • Start with using the initials of your name only. As for Chris Peters, you can go with cp_@gmail.com, or you can do both the name and the initials too, just like- cp.crishpeters@gmail.com. With this simple trick, you will have more options to pick from for your email usernames. 
  • Apart from the initials, you can also try some prefixes that are salutations based on your gender or profile, like Mr., Mrs., or Miss. And for your profile, you can look up ‘er’ for engineers, ‘adv’ for advocates, ‘ca’ for chartered accountants, ‘doc’ or ‘Dr’ for doctors, and some others; well, there are many. 

Here are some examples of the same- 

  • mr.chrispeters@gmail.com
  • cachris@gmail.com
  • Advpeterschris2gmail.com
  • chrispeters.harvard@gmail.com 

Wait, that’s not it; I have some more tips for you. 

Try personalizing it accordingly

  • iamchris@gmail.com
  • thispeterschris@gmail.com
  • itschrispeters@gmail.com 
  • heyitschris@gmail.com 

So this is how you can pick a name for your Gmail account for yourself, but what about picking a username for your business profile? Worry not. I have some tips for that, too; let’s have a look. 

How to Choose the Right Email Address for Your Business?

It is quite essential to pick the right email address for your business, as the name possesses the power to create a strong impact on your brand. Although most businesses prefer to have their custom email address like name@yourcompany.com, It’s totally fine if you want to go on with something exceptional; this is why here are some useful tips for you to pick a perfect username for Gmail for your business:

Pick your business name to keep it simple

The best part about choosing a business name for your Gmail ID is that there is far less competition in it for picking a username as compared to picking a personal one. The reason for that is due to branding and copyright purposes, most companies, and brands keep their names intact in their email addresses too. Here are some examples-

  • officialbay@gmail.com
  • official_bay@gmail.com
  • bay.official@gmail.com
  • bayoffcial.@gmail.com 

You can add the word ‘Official’ to your brand’s name

In case the username you pick is not available, you can try adding ‘official’ before or after your company’s name. It’s a basic word that might help you with getting a username for your Gmail account along with enhancing its authenticity as well. Here are some examples-

  • geekybird_official@gmail.com
  • geekybirdofficial@gmail.com
  • geeky.bird.official@gmail.com
  • geekybird.official@gmail.com 

Now that you are quite aware of what you should do and consider getting the right username for your Gmail address, let’s find out what are things to avoid while picking a username. 

Things to Avoid While Picking an Email Address

Here are some tips that you need to take care of and things not to include in your email username:

  • Your birthdate- It often happens that when a certain username isn’t available on Gmail, people choose to add their birthdates to it in order to make it unique. Just like mike25121998@gmail.com, here, the 25151998 stands for 25 December 1998; pretty easy to guess, isn’t it? Similarly, anyone can guess it, which makes it easier for hackers to hack your account. 
  • Your contact number- Just like adding birthdays, people also add the last or first four digits of their mobile numbers to their email addresses to make them unique. But again, once you do that, your account is prone to hacking. 
  • Nicknames- Try to avoid the use of any nicknames like cute, princess, cool, or anything like that. First, it’s quite childlike, and second, it’s highly unprofessional. 
  • Keep it short- Try keeping it to the point, don’t add extra letters, numbers, or characters to it; that will only make it larger. 

Now that you have all the tips to pick the right name for your Gmail, let’s have a look at the list of Gmail account names to make it even easier for you. 

The Best Email Address Name Ideas

Here are some email name ideas that are absolutely free to register that you can opt for: 

Use Your Profession

Just like mentioned above, adding your profession to your Gmail name can be an excellent idea, and can help you look even more professional, plus it’s far better than adding some vague numbers or characters to it. Here are some examples-

  • CAjanerhodes@gmail.com
  • Janerhodesadvocate@gmail.com
  • Drjanerhodes@gmail.com

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Add Your Qualification

Just as you added your profession, you can also add your educational qualification to your Gmail username; this way, it’s quite better than the usual cool Gmail names. Let’s see how- 

  • janerhodesma@gmail.com (MA for Master of Arts)
  • janerhodesbsc@gmail.com (B.Sc. for Bachelor of Science)

This isn’t limited to bachelor or master, it can be any degree or Diploma. Just know the correct abbreviation of it, and you’ll be good to go, and it can be one of your creative Gmail names. 

Add Your City or Place of Work

You can also add your hometown’s name or the name of the city you work in to make your Gmail username unique. It may sound a little too different but it can help you create some good Gmail names; here’s how-

  • janerhodesDC@gmail.com (DC stands for Washington DC)
  • janerhodesphilly@gmail.com (Philly is for Philadelphia) 
  • janerhodesusa@gmail.com (This can be basic but might work on your name)

Cute Email Address Ideas for Couples

If you and your partner have an account together, you can create a username that defines you both and conveys to your audience your joint (sort of) account. Here’s how- 

  • You can use your relationship status, it can be your way of telling people what’s going on in your life. Like Janejustgotengaged@gmail.com or it can be janeandiaregettingmarried@gmail.com 
  • You can even take your partner’s surname. Like if Jane Rhodes is married to Spencer Evans, she’ll be Jane Rhodes Evans or just Jane Evans. Hence, her new email address should be something like janerhodesevans@gmail.com or janeevans@gmail.com. 
  • The next thing you can do is take your partner’s domain. Like if Jane Rhode’s partner is Spencer Evans, she can create her email address as janespencerevans@gmail.com or jane.spencerevans@gmail.com 

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Funny Gmail name ideas

Next category we have is funny, teenagers love to sound cool and funny all the time. So for them, this is the best category. These might be similar to some other names as they are all fictitious; let’s have a look:

  • shaquille.oatmeal@gmail.com
  • fast.and.curious@gmail.com
  • casanova@gmail.com 
  • harrypoppins@gmail.com
  • dora_the_explorer@gmail.com
  • copiedusername@gmail.com
  • anonymous@gmail.com
  • a_distraction@gmail.com
  • bananahammock@gmail.com
  • unfriendme@gmail.com
  • lactosetolerant@gmail.com
  • adam_and_eve@gmail.com
  • ineed2p@gmail.com

Picking a Professional Name

When you have quite a common name, there aren’t many options available on Gmail to pick a username. But why rely on Gmail? You on your own can make your name unique and professional, just make sure it doesn’t look or sound spammy. 

You can even invest in a domain from GoDaddy.com or Hostinger at a minimal price and make your email address unique. Plus with a domain, it will look even more professional and you will be able to use it for other purposes as well. Here are some examples for the same- 

  • you@yourdomain.com 
  • name@yourdomain.com
  • press@yourdomain.com
  • CEO@yourdomain.com


Here are some frequently asked questions about picking a Gmail username:

Ans: Of course, it can. You have all the liberty in the world to start, end, or include a number or any other character to your email address.

Ans: There are certain things like including characters or extra characters and make sure you pick something that is easy to pronounce and spell.

Ans: It’s nothing complicated, just make sure you include a few things to your email address and you’ll be good to go-

  • Don’t include any private or confidential information.
  • Don’t make it childlike or spammy.