Should one rent stainless steel containers or IBC totes, or would it be better to be buying these instead? Renting usually resolves common buying problems which may include but are not limited to:

  • Production differences
  • Lack of funding capabilities
  • Difficulties dealing with special orders
  • Inefficient use of money and space when totes are not being used.

By using the right strategies, businesses can avoid the costly capital by going with IBC tote rentals instead. Purchasing containers may be complicated alone, while a tote rental is a much simpler and more affordable option based on the industry expert’s Verde Trader. Businesses may be able to use the IBC totes within a couple of days, as compared to buying where one has to wait for a couple of weeks or even more. Listed below are 6 of the other benefits of renting IBC totes from Verde.

Cost-Efficient and Helps Save Money

Saving money is one of the most obvious benefits of renting IBC totes. Rentals offer lower monthly fees and most of the time, a down payment isn’t required. With that being said, you can allocate all your other financial results for other important aspects of your business.

Quick Turnaround

You don’t need to wait for long periods to get started. Once you’ve rented an IBC tote, you can start using these immediately and there’s no need to wait.

Conservation of Assets

You only rent IBC totes that your business requires. This means that you won’t have to waste assets and have extra totes laying around your business space. You rent only those that you need.

Privilege to Use Up-to-Date Equipment

Once you’ve invested in buying an IBC tote, you’ve got no choice left but to use this equipment as long as you can. Eventually, these totes may get outdated. When renting IBC totes, on the other hand, you have the chance to rent out newer models and you don’t have to get stuck with the older versions. This is an important factor since this is a fast-paced industry, and these changes may have to adapt to how your business runs.

Flexible Budget

As mentioned earlier, renting IBC totes mean that your operating expenses are considerably smaller than buying the containers. The rental process is quite simple and cheaper, allowing you to rent the number of totes that your business needs. If you don’t need it for a specific period, there’s no need to rent it out – which means you don’t have to worry about spending business money and have it wasted on equipment that you’re not using.

Better Tax Savings

In any business, your assets will depreciate as time passes by. However, renting a stainless steel tote can result in even more tax savings, which is better for your business in the long run.

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