Storing and sharing images is an everyday thing that presumably all people do. You can expect people to share and store images from various social media platforms, sharing channels and websites. JPG is one of the most common file formats and it is used for so many different purposes, not just for business or day to day transactions.

It is also common to have the need to convert jpg to pdf which is another widely used file format for documents and images. PDFs carry a lot more advantages than JPGs because of their excellent attributes that perfectly suit specific situations. Learn more about why people opt for PDFs over JPG and how to do the file conversion below.

The 5 Benefits of Converting JPG to PDF with GogoPDF

The file size of JPGs can vary based on the photos’ resolution. The higher the resolution of the picture, the bigger the file size would be. Though you may perform file compression on JPGs, expect that the output degrades in quality. A solution for that is to convert JPG to PDF.

Everybody is aware that image quality is more important than file size, especially in a professional context. On the other hand, you can rely on the Portable Document Format to uphold image quality and other stuff. Known for its ability to preserve the design and arrangement of content, PDFs are undoubtedly suitable for your photos. 

Lossless File Compression

You can compress PDFs to reduce their file sizes without worrying about quality degradation. Rest assured that this file format would uphold the quality of your work. The compression works by recreating your file using fewer pixels. With this ability of PDFs, you can save on storage space while getting high-quality outputs.

Storing Images

PDFs can actually store your photos. You can combine your JPG files into a single PDF and create a catalog. This way, you can rest assured that your photos won’t be exchanged for another while being able to compress your file. If you use a powerful tool to do this, you can even preserve the quality of the original images. This would be hitting two birds with a stone! 

Standard Usage

If you happen to be sending your photos to someone else, you might still have to consider if they can view your files. You can remove this worry by using PDF files since this file format is universal. Your recipient can effortlessly access the files without the need for special tools. Did you know that most modern computer models can view your PDFs with your web browser? They also work just the same when using smartphones.

Easy Transmission

It is relatively easy to share PDFs because of their compactness and portability. As they are compressible, you would face no problems related to file size restrictions on communication channels, such as email. 

Excellent Security

Another reason why people opt for PDFs is that you can protect them with passwords. You can impose two types of PDF passwords: user and master. The user password’s primary purpose is to open the file. Meanwhile, the master password allows you to restrict what others can do with your intellectual property, such as copying, editing, printing, etc.

With this attribute, you can prevent others from gaining unauthorized access to your pictures. This way, they can’t claim ownership of your work by copying the pictures and passing them off as theirs. It upholds the confidentiality and privacy of your data.

How Do I Convert My JPGs to PDF?

Asking this question isn’t surprising given the numerous ways that PDFs are better than JPG files. Truth be told, a single search on your browser is all it takes to find many ways to do the file conversion. You may opt for software applications, but it would be much more manageable to use online web services like GogoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter. 

Convert your JPGs to PDF with GogoPDF

The JPG to PDF converter of GogoPDF is completely free and a popular choice among users. With its excellent security and efficient file conversion, you can get your high-quality PDFs in just a few clicks. Try it now and see for yourself how impressive it is by going to its website and doing the following steps.

  1. Select from your directory and upload your JPG photo(s) to the converter.
  2. Pick a format and click the appropriate button to proceed with the conversion.
  3. Wait for the conversion to finish.
  4. Download your newly converted PDF file!

Universal Compatibility

As an online web service, you can access this excellent tool using any device regardless of the operating system. Moreover, you won’t have to do any software application installation because all processes occur on the cloud. You only have to connect to a stable Internet connection, go to its website, and proceed with the conversion process.

Supports Other File Formats

If you also have photos in other file formats such as BMP, PNG, etc., rest assured that you can still do the file conversion. GogoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter supports other file formats. Isn’t it impressive that there’s no need for extra tools anymore for the other photos since you can do the conversion in one place?

Excellent Security

This tool exhibits excellent security, giving you a seamless experience with no mishaps. Rest assured that it will only utilize everything you upload for the sake of the file conversion and nothing else. The tool will permanently delete your photos from its server an hour after the usage of the converter.


PDF is truly one of the most useful file formats that we have today. They equip many features that we can take advantage of, ranging from sharing, compression, security, and many more aspects. If you want to uphold the quality of your images, consider converting them to PDF. You can do this in a lot of ways you can find on the web. Do the file conversion easily by using the JPG to PDF converter of GogoPDF. Try it out for yourself today!

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