The relationship with stickers dates back as early in our childhood. Remember that time when we used to buy inexpensive sticker packs from those local stationery stores? There were plenty of options to choose from. The best part? There was something for everyone. Be it the popular cartoon characters or the superheroes; stickers incorporated everything.

As a kid, we also got the chance to modify the look time and time by revamping our sticker collections. Since then, stickers are deeply rooted in our minds.

With the emergence of conversational media platforms, the twenty-first century witnessed a new rendition of these old-school, childhood nostalgia stickers. Conversation platform consists of chat, text messaging, and voice messaging platforms that aim to provide a seamless conversation experience. With the popularity of smartphones, the conversation became integral to the utility of such devices. It makes our lives easier by keeping us connected to the entire globe, making us truly global citizens. Conversations became the touchpoint of knowing, understanding, and analyzing people, behavior, their background, and even predicting future trends. 

Words were not enough and people felt the increasing need to be ab,e express much more with fewer words. All these intentions led to the inventions of emojis and GIFs. Stickers that once ruled a part of the experience, came to the forefront in a new avatar. Stickers became appropriate in our efforts to build a virtual presence of our own. 

Earlier stickers were used for various purposes. For example, to categorize a specific segment of people, to display a political party, or to identify as a community or believer of certain faiths.

In its virtual presence, stickers are characters that portray an emotion or an action often relatable to certain situations. These kooky animations pave a unique way of communication enabling users to express elaborate emotions through specific characters.   

Stickers are so versatile that it makes our messages colorful and personalized.  If you are still using the dull way of communication then you must upgrade with an intuitive keyboard platform that will transform your typing game completely. This Bangla Keyboard Online is the best option for upgrading to enhanced, vibrant, colorful, and personalized ways of conversation.  Moreover, a plethora of visually appealing options is what makes this keyboard tops the list of the best sticker apps for Bangla Keyboard. All Bengali and Bangla-speaking people were in a quest for a regional console letting them type in their own language without the inherent limitations and restrictions. Does this sound relatable?

Native language typing has gained momentum for a variety of reasons. Thus, the need for a technologically advanced native language platform is indeed a boon. This is what this Bangla keyboard functions. It supports native Bengali typing with advanced features like an intuitive keyboard backed up by artificial intelligence. AI is a tool to perceive and understand patterns. Thus, an integrated AI typing keyboard for Bangla typing is a wonderful product for all the Bangla speaking community. The features like transforming speech into text, customizing the keyboard that suits every temperament, and of course a host of visuals make this keyboard the best. Users can choose from unlimited sticker packs. These packs are not static and receive regular updates keeping in sync with the ongoing events around. When you feel a dearth of words, you can simply go to the sticker options, download a new pack, explore and send. This will immediately enhance the quality of the conversation as well as make you look cool and tech-savvy.  

Other Bangla Keyboard with good stickers collections include:

Google Indic Keyboard

It is a replacement for the previous GBoard application. Google Indic keyboard supports almost eleven Indic dialects. Bengali being a dominant Indic language daily, obviously made its place on the list. Besides having a user-friendly interface, the keyboard is renowned for its Banglish mode of typing and its exclusive sticker collections.


It has been almost a decade and the performance of SwiftKey has improved with every passing version. The predictive model supports as many as three hundred languages. Out of these hundreds, the keyboard includes fifteen Indic languages with plenty of stickers to choose from. The AI-powered keyboard offers advanced features like a spell checker, auto-correction, etc.


Chrooma is the most colorful keyboard of all. It has plenty of colors giving an instantly vibrant feel to your phone’s screen. As much as color it has outside, Chrooma is also loaded with features from inside with an inbuilt context understanding mechanisms, GIF search window, and proofreader that lets you type effortlessly.

These applications are some of the best Bengali sticker keyboards with advanced features yet fun-loaded content.

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