No brand can draft individual emails for everyone who signs up – this is where email marketing automation helps.

As the name signifies, automated email marketing is a set of automatic emails sent by brands through an autoresponder to their subscribers. Autoresponder is a tool that helps companies to schedule automated emails based on a subscriber’s actions.

For instance, when a customer avails of the services, brands can automatically send an automated confirmation email thanking the customer. However, under email automation firstly you need to understand the gap between spam and automated emails. Although automated emails are automatically sent, they should be personalized, valuable, and aligned with the content that the prospect has asked for.

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Arguably, drafting an automatic email may sound complicated, but it is always worth implementing. Also, today there are various tools and software to ease the task of modern email marketing.

Automated email marketing helps brands craft email series perfectly tailored to their audience’s needs and send them out at a specific time.

Ways of Utilizing Automated Email Marketing?

Email automation or Automated email marketing can be highly effective if used well. Here are a couple of the times when emails can help you make the right impression with your target audience. 

Prompting Abandoned Carts Prospects to buy

Abandoned carts are not a disappointing sign but an opportunity. There are many reasons why people abandon carts, but a common one is that they’re not quite ready to buy.

However, you need to understand that they have liked the product, and there is a good chance he/she can make purchases soon. An automated email is one of the most effective ways to keep them engaged. 

For abandoned cart prospects, a brand must schedule an email as a reminder for them. This email will prompt the prospective customer to return to the page and complete their purchase. 

Although, to ensure people come back to the page, you must draft an engaging email and understand the customer’s goals. Help them decide and don’t just tell them to buy. 

The first step to bring the customer back is to send a reminder that they have left items in their cart. Ensure you do not spam their inbox by sending pushy messages.

Once you have reminded the customer, wait for them to act. You will find someone completing their purchase, whereas there will be people who won’t get convinced. In the next email, you can solve the common queries of the potential customer.  

Even after sending the second email, if you don’t find people reacting- there’s no way to get people back. Although you know they are still not ready to purchase, there’s one tool your email can implement. Try sending an email and checking if you can tempt them with discounts, offers, or incentives.

Send Automated Email Newsletters to Subscribers 

Automated Email Newsletters engage prospective consumers who have left the website after visiting once.

Many visitors reach the website but don’t stay for long- for such visitors, automated emails or the process of email automation can keep the connection and build a relationship with the brand.

You can utilize an autoresponder for scheduling weekly or monthly newsletters to such leads. 

Ensure your newsletter content is informative and valuable to grow the relationship and keep bringing people back to your website. To do this, try to use an engaging subject line and keep emails easy to understand. Although your email campaigns vary based on what you’re trying to achieve, the key is understanding what your target audience wants. 

Promotional Emails

No doubt, drafting individual promotional emails for every user is tough. So, to ease your task, you can implement automated emails. However, while utilizing emails to promote your services, focus on providing value to the customer. Don’t mistake automated promotional emails as spam emails reaching inboxes with links to your product all the time. NO!

Until your email is valuable, you can’t expect the results. You must ensure your emails are carefully planned to get the maximum value from your automated promotional email.

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Welcome Emails to your Subscribers

When someone signs up for your newsletter, sending a welcome or thanksgiving email helps in interacting the relationship. 

Obviously, it is not feasible to stay active round the clock, monitoring the moment and sending emails. So the best you can do is to schedule the emails. 

Welcome emails offer you an opportunity to explain your services to prospective consumers. 

Once they know your brand’s personality, they’re more likely to engage and avail of your services, leading to the organization’s overall growth. The welcome email is the first and the most effective step toward building a relationship with your consumers. It’s all about introducing your brand and showing the value of what the person has signed up for. 

Automated email replies instantly to customer complaints

When customers find a brand responding to their queries and complaints, they start relying on the company. However, it is difficult for brands to react immediately to everyone. So, the best they can do is set up an automated email that explains the complaint process and ensures the issues will be fixed.  


It’s just not viable to send individualized emails to each person on your mailing list; this is where automated emails come into the picture. Automated email or email automation helps brands bridge the gap with customers and prospects with consistent updates. Fortunately, today there are multiple auto email marketing package tools that allow brands to maximize their email marketing campaigns.