In this article, we will guide you to set up auto farming in Epic Seven while being asleep or outdoor. Farming Hunt, Adventure, Spirit Altar in Epic Seven becomes a regular gaming task and during the buff event like this one in July, farming will create more resources than usual. However, we can’t keep our eyes on the game all the time during the buff event and there’s a limit of repeat battles inside the game.

According to JatApp software development, with the help of LDPlayer, you can play Epic Seven on your PC and hang the game without any lags or crashes. You can free your mobile device for other usage and avoid battery burning. Now, there are more for you to play Epic Seven on PC with LDPlayer. This article will show you how to set up auto farming on Epic Seven to “break” the limit of repeat battles setting and this is super useful when you’re being asleep or outdoor.

How to Auto Farm on Epic Seven Using LDPlayer?

Step 1: Download LDPlayer from the official site and finish the installation (Recommend LDPlayer 4 but use LDPlayer 3 if you have a low-end PC)

Step 2: Download Epic Seven on your emulator through Google Play Store.

Step 3: Log in to your account and play a few battles to see if it works fine on your PC.

If this is your first time using LDPlayer to play Epic Seven, make sure you have:

  • Enabled VT on your computer
  • Enabled High-Quality Support in Game Settings (Keep Screen On is optional)
  • Turned off Battery Optimization and Low-Quality Mode

Step 4: Now, we will use Wyvern Hunt 11 as an example to set up auto farming.

Step 5: Record the time of your fastest and longest battles for one round. For example, I got 2 mins 30 seconds for one round on average. Remember the time consume for one round.

Step 6: Set the Repeat Battling Limit to 1 and run the battle.

Step 7: Run the repeat battling until the last battle pops up on the Wanted Poster. Now you need to record the click operation on Confirm.

Step 8: Use Operation Recorder to record the click of Confirm button. (You can skip step 7 if you can guess the right position of the Confirm button or you already have 5 wanted posters)

Step 9: Record the clicks of battle Confirm >>> Try Again >>> Start (Make sure you leave 2~3 seconds between each click)

Step 10: Merge these two operation records and you will get a new merged script.

Step 9: Open the setting of the merged script and set up the times of the script loop and the interval time between each loop based on your conditions.

Do the calculation first and follow the calculation formula.

Time for one round hunt: 150 seconds in my case for W11

Repeat battling Limit: I set it to 10 times

Energy: Purchase the required energy for all rounds. I buy 18*10*50=9000 energy in advance.

Execute loop: I set it to 50 times

Loop interval: I set it to 150*11+30s=1680 [One round time x (repeat batting limit+1) + 30s Waiting time] 

You could set the waiting time to 60s or longer to make sure it won’t mess up with the estimated finish time of the last round. This will ensure the script looping exactly after the stop of repeat battling. 

Other Things You Should Pay Attention With

  • Make sure your network works fine during the auto farming
  • This is also workable for looping Adventure farming and Spirit Altar farming
  • Don’t try this method if you feel there’s a risk for this
  • Don’t use this method all the time


This is super helpful when we need to auto-farm Hunt on Epic Seven buff event. Enjoy playing Epic Seven on PC with LDPlayer even if you don’t need the method in this article. LDPlayer will keep optimizing the compatibility and smoothness for Epic Seven.

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